350 Best of the Best Trance Songs

  1. This list is my (AlacritMusic's) depiction on what are the best of the best trance songs. It will always be changing because I will always find more euphoric songs to judge. It's true, trance will never be the same as it used to be, but there's always room for another wave that'll surprise the masses.

  2. Listology currently has about 500,000 "best-of-trance" lists and they're all different. Mine's nothing special and doesn't stand out from the masses. I'll let the readers be the judges on how accurate everyone's depictions are. And no, that doesn't mean I'll change my list according to what some random commenter thinks about this song and that song.

  3. People really have lost the meaning to what trance music used to be. Huge dance music record labels have pointed current "trance music" to be way too similar to house and pop-dance. There's actually very little "trance" music that can put one into a "trance" upon listening these days. Another problem with the death of this genre is that replacement pop infused "trance" music is dulling down the public's attention span and candy coating it too much. No one is patient enough to listen to a classic trance song anymore. Everyone just wants to dance, sing along, and look sexy in the process.

  4. That's fine. Things die. But I suggest you people stop using the word "trance." You're annoying.

  5. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome and respected- most of the time. But really give it some thought if you have something in mind. Please realize that even if you PUT YOUR ENTIRE MESSAGE IN CAPS LOCK, it won't increase the importance of the "best song in the universe that has to be on this list and I'm an absolute ignoramus for not knowing about it." I'll probably ignore your suggestion, as well as your life.

  6. Hybrid - Symphony (1997)
  7. (Breaktrance/Symphonic Trance)
  8. No need to think about it any longer, this is indisputably the most moving, mind soothing, indestructable piece of ear candy trance music has ever touched with its golden fingers... and it isn't even straight-forward trance itself. I heard this song on Sasha & Digweed's Northern Exposure Volume 2: East Coast edition, immediately following Gus Gus's "Purple" (also another FAVORITE trance song). Not only was the transition between the two songs perfect, but this song made for an astounding finale for the mix. It's breaktrance perfection. Hybrid also did "Finished Symphony" two years later, but this track takes the cake, there was nothing unfinished about this one.

  9. L.S.G. - Netherworld (Vinyl Cut) (1997)
  10. (Progressive Trance)
  11. This song is absolutely delicious. The rhythm has a heavy, demanding tone that seems to need answering, and receives it through melodic progressions. To me, this song is like a sensual and erotic music beast that blows out trancesque proportions from one's speakers into another's brainwaves. It's practically selfish. And I'm addicted like the pig I should be.

  12. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) (2003)
  13. (Post Progressive/Minimal Trance)
  14. Absolutely breathtaking. I still haven't heard anything like this, other than Holden's "Horizons" from 1999, which puts on the same incredible haunting atmosphere. There are vocals, but don't try to decipher them, rather difficult, but the vocals put on their own euphoric melody. A nine minute song that seems to fly by as if it were an edit. I play this song a lot for people that are unfamiliar with quite a bit of EDM music. The most common reaction is "... woah, this is definitely different, and I can't help but like this, a lot..."

  15. Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (1991)
  16. (Ambient Breaks)
  17. Okay, the version that ranks the song here is the 6 minute, 45 second version on FSOL's Accelerator compilation. I understand there are edits out there that sound lovely as well, but the ambient progressions that build up into the alluring breakbeat jem this song lives up to is what got it to top this chart. Simply gorgeous ear candy.

  18. Age of Love - Age of Love (1990)
  19. (Classic Trance/New Beat)
  20. Most commonly known as the song that signified the "big bang" of trance. Which is arguable. Endlessly arguable. And there will never be an answer because people will always argue about that. The first song (in question) to open the door for the massive trance genre. But besides that, I put it uber-high on my personal favorites list due to the fact that there is no amount of repetition when listening to this song, and the layout seems to keep one guessing. A notable remix would be 1992's Jam & Spoon's Watch Out For Stella Remix. Amazing remix, accept for the head splitting acid tone that doesn't seem to want to stop and give my ears a breather.

  21. Sasha - Wavy Gravy (2002)
  22. (Ambient Trance/Breaks)
  23. Okay so I thought of this song as ambient breaktrance, but it really isn't, because it doesn't have a breakbeat sound at all. It just doesn't have a 4/4 beat like most trance. But it's still incredibly beautiful and doesn't change rankings. If you have a good listener's imagination, then picture that this is what happens to acid if you push it deep underwater.

  24. Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk's Love Mix) (1994)
  25. (Classic/Ibiza Trance)
  26. My favorite ibiza trance jewel. This song's pounding piano anthem loops, echoes and blends into itself until its smooth atmosphere is overwhelming. Solid proof that Paul Van Dyk's first pieces will always be his best.

  27. Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Three N One Remix) (1998)
  28. (Anthem Trance)
  29. "Cafe Del Mar" came out as a classic trance song in 1993. In my opinion, the original mix sounded very progressive housey, with a questionable beat when compared to other classic trance. The Kid Paul Mix which came out the same year was much better, and actually sounded like classic and/or acid trance; that version's also on this list, just much lower than this one. In 1998, the Three N One version changed the song and gave it a complete turnaround, transforming it from the classic trance piece it originated from into the beautiful looped eurotrance piece it was waiting to be. Most eurotrance remakes aren't stimulating at all, and the originals are always the best, but this is one highly regarded exception. Deadmau5 (who, I'm sure, will become just as overwhelmingly advertised, overplayed and overrated as Tiesto someday soon) did a remix of this song in 2008 that grew on me.

  30. Chicane - Offshore (1996)
  31. (Ibiza Trance)
  32. This song symbolifies everything that brings the idea of ibiza trance into existence. You can literally smell the fresh air of the Mediterranean Sea filling your nostrils. It's smooth. And I have to comment about the end of this song, when it transforms itself into ibiza breaktrance- it's like candy. Like... literally sweet sugar to my ears. Try acquiring the ambient version as well.

  33. L.S.G. - Hearts (1994)
  34. (Classic Trance)
  35. In my listening experience with trance (which in most aspects isn't much of a view to base anything off of except personal opinion...), I find that classic trance introduced the trippy "space" feeling more than any other form of trance that evolved from it. Out of all of the successful pieces that floated around the dancefloors, this particular song stuck out as one that not only fulfilled an outerworldly feeling that experimented from other electronic genres... but when the rhythm breaks off and nothing remains but a haunting second melody, it fulfills a perfect feeling of uplift. I find this song much more euphoric than any other classic or acid trance piece I've come across yet.

  36. Ame - Rej (2005)
  37. (Neo Trance)
  38. This song starts out quite simple, yet very dark and mysterious. It progresses into a complex and vicious ultra-dark melody, yet never loses the icey-cool smooth touch. Perfectly luscious. I find it styled very gothic cyberpunk.

  39. Union Jack - Red Herring (1995)
  40. (Acid Trance)

  41. Orbital - Halcyon On & On (1993)
  42. (Ambient Techno)

  43. Infected Mushroom - Mush Mushi (2000)
  44. (Psytrance)

  45. Hallucinogen - L.S.D. (1996)
  46. (Goa Trance)

  47. Underworld - Cowgirl (1994)
  48. (Classic Trance/Progressive House)
  49. Underworld. What a fucking amazing group. This song kicks you in the ass. It starts out with an awkward progression of layers consisting of a man's voice (Completely different than how the voice progresses in "Born Slippy"). It ends up being a hard and heavy monster, that blows your head off with a killer insane vibraphone melody.

  50. Ogenki Clinic - First Light (James Holden vs. Main Element Remix) (2001)
  51. (Progressive Minimal Trance)
  52. I love the bassline this song jumps into right at the start. It naturally makes you want to get up and groove. A minimal tribal beat with some seriously smooth melodies, its one of those pieces that can be a cooldown or a floorfiller.

  53. James Holden - Horizons (1999)
  54. (Progressive Minimal Trance)
  55. A song that "wowed" me with its breakdown. The melody is but a hush... resembling somewhat of a "trance fog" (am I insane for comparing the main melody to fog?). Beautiful progressions. Perfect song to close your eyes to and get lost in your mind.

  56. Sasha - Bloodlock (2002)
  57. (Progressive Trance)
  58. Almost in the style of a James Holden composition (well yeah- he co-produced it, adurrr), the beginning introduces a purely minimalesque buildup, with a beautiful euphoric melody system. Even the breakdowns are exotically gorgeous. Seriously, with "Bloodlock," "Wavy Gravy," and several other songs with this distinct atmosphere, Airdrawndagger is easily one of my favorite albums.

  59. Petter - These Days (2004)
  60. (Ambient Progressive Breaks)
  61. If you've by any chance acquired Sasha's "Wavy Gravy," and fell inlove with it, but haven't acquired this one yet, I strongly recommend it. It offers the same uplifting experience in my opinion.

  62. Sasha - XPander (1999)
  63. (Progressive Trance)

  64. Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Total Separation Mix) (1999)
  65. (Progressive House/Breaktrance?)

  66. Nalin & Kane - Beachball (1996)
  67. (Ibiza Trance)

  68. DnTel - (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt Remix) (2002)
  69. (Neo/Minimal Trance/Microhouse)
  70. Beautiful vocals by Ben Gibbard, also the lead singer to the band Death Cab For Cutie and the project The Postal Service. It's rare and almost extinct-able that a trance song has an even blend of musical euphoria and strong lyrics. This song destroys boundaries.

  71. Lost Tribe - Gamemasters / My Soul (1997)
  72. (Progressive Trance)
  73. Uh, have you HEARD the amount of acid layers in this song!? It gives me utter tingles and chills. Yeah yeah, I know its basis is that of Quench's "Dreams," but the point here is that it just builds and builds until it's something catastrophically different. Evolved until things are serious. And things here are pretty much serious. Except for those spoken lyrics, but hey, they actually get you caught up in the song as well. Also, Lost Tribe released this EP with "Angel" and another song included called "My Soul," which is basically the same song except with different lyrics, and an extremely epic piano synth added on top of all of the acid. I could take this song or leave it, it's just another good one to be mentioned.

  74. Aril Brikha - Winter (2007)
  75. (Neo Trance)

  76. Brainchild - Synfonica (1993)
  77. (Classic Trance)

  78. Art of Trance - Deeper Than Deep (1993)
  79. (Acid Trance)

  80. Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Stone’s Atlantis Mix) (1999)
  81. (Ibiza Trance)
  82. I love this song. It's so dreamy- its like a complete chill out/world beat song with a solid trance rhythm. Capable of both penetrating a concentrated rave atmosphere and soothing a segment on a Pure Moods compilation.

  83. Gus Gus - Purple (Sasha vs. The Light Remix) (1998)
  84. (Progressive Breaktrance)

  85. 4Voice - Eternal Spirit (1993)
  86. (Classic/Acid Trance)
  87. Think KayCee's "Escape" is one of the greatest trance songs you've ever heard? You haven't heard of this song then. Think again.

  88. Efdemin - Lohn & Brot (2006)
  89. (Neo Trance)
  90. Like Ame's "Rej," this song slowly progresses into a lovely melodious complex, although not nearly as dark and vicious by the end. Still, very beautiful, and well worth the incentive of listening to once acquired.

  91. The Field - Over the Ice (2006)
  92. (Neo Trance/Minimal Techno)

  93. Gabriel Ananda - Ihre Persönliche Glücksmelodie (2005)
  94. (Neo Trance)

  95. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix) (2004)
  96. (Neo/Minimal Trance)

  97. Ultraviolet - Kites (Fantasy Flite Part One) (1991)
  98. (Ambient Breaks/Breaktrance)
  99. So, I looked this up on Discogs, and the actual "Fantasy Flight 1" version of this song came out in 1991, the original version in 1990. That makes it just about as classic as Age of Love, Dance 2 Trance, and Future Sound. Perhaps the first breaktrance song in question? Lovely vocals by Maria (also presently in question). There's also an instrumental version of this song done by Ultraviolet, under the title of "Fly," released at the same period.

  100. Cybernaut - Hydrophonix (1997)
  101. (Goa Trance)

  102. Bedrock feat. Kyo - For What You Dream Of (1993)
  103. (Classic Trance/Progressive House)

  104. Dance 2 Trance - We Came In Peace (1990)
  105. (Classic Trance)

  106. Infected Mushroom - Ratio Schmatio (2004)
  107. (PsyTrance)

  108. The MFA - The Difference It Makes (2004)
  109. (Neo Trance)

  110. William Orbit - Water from a Wine Leaf (Xylem Flow Mix) (1992)
  111. (Progressive/Ambient House)
  112. Whoever thinks William Orbit's "Water from a Wine Leaf" is strictly ambient house has NOT heard Spooky's Xylem Flow Remix. It gives the song a unique progressive house beat and a hint of acid, turning the pupa of an ambient house song it used to be into the butterfly it always wanted to be. The song is, however, progressive house, due to the fact that the BPM is much slower than that of all classic trance at the time. But that doesn't stop me from putting it on this list.

  113. Humate & Rabbit in the Moon - East (Rabbit In The Moon Opium Den Remix) (1995)
  114. (Classic/Acid Trance)

  115. ATB - Don’t Stop (X-Cabs Remix) (1998)
  116. (Ibiza Trance)
  117. SO much better than the original. This version rips it away from the oldskool ATB Ibiza feel (the original sounded like a remix to both "9 PM" and "The Summer") and shoves it into a more uptempo tropical atmosphere. Drool.

  118. Kate Havnenik - Unlike Me (Ost & Kjex Remix) (2006)
  119. (Glitch/Neo Trance/Progressive House)
  120. I ran into this by accident just browsing iTunes. You have to get the 8 minute version off of Kate Havnevik's EP "Unlike Me." It grows on me more and more everytime I hear it. It progresses beautifully. The song issues a ballad atmosphere in the beginning (much like the original version), and by the end it breaks into something much more danceable, but still keeps the same deep and chilling sensations. I also love how her voice is obstructed into the rhythm. This is so much more than just a remix. Strongly recommended by me.

  121. Brainchild - Symmetry (C-Mix) (1994)
  122. (Classic Trance)

  123. Paragliders - Paraglide (1993)
  124. (Classic Trance)

  125. Metal Master - Spectrum (1992)
  126. (Classic Trance)

  127. X Tracks - Plan 94 (The Voyage) (1994)
  128. (Progressive House)

  129. Roland Klinkenberg - Inner Laugh (James Holden Remix) (2000)
  130. (Progressive Minimal Trance)

  131. Balil - Parasight (1993)
  132. (Acid/Classic Trance)

  133. Hardfloor - Acperience 1 (1992)
  134. (Acid Trance)

  135. Orbital - Remind (1993)
  136. (Rave/Acid Trance)

  137. Resistance D - Cosmic Love (1991)
  138. (Acid Trance)

  139. Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow (2006)
  140. (Neo Trance/Microhouse)

  141. Rabbit In The Moon - Out of Body Experience (Phase 1 - First Contact) (1994)
  142. (Classic/Acid Trance)

  143. Faithless - Drifting Away (The Full Paradiso Remix) (1997)
  144. (Anthem House/Progressive House)
  145. I think this version of the song, at all costs, is put together beautifully. Starting out as an operatic ballad, the song progresses slowly for about a minute and a half, when suddenly the pounding piano anthem seers into the picture. The song altogether is quite progressive, and indeed very soothing.

  146. The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (1990)
  147. (Ambient House)

  148. Torley Wong - Xristophan (2005)
  149. (Ambient Breaks?)
  150. Formerly and (unfortunately) more commonly known (to the music THIEVES!) as "Robert Miles vs. Aphex Twin - Rare Duet." Mysterious error solved.

  151. Cosmic Baby - Magic Cubes (1992)
  152. (Classic Trance)

  153. Petter - Some Polyphony (James Holden Remix) (2006)
  154. (Minimal/Neo Trance)

  155. Jonas Steur - Silent Waves (2004)
  156. (Epic Trance)

  157. Telepopmusik - Breathe (Original Album Version) (2001)
  158. (Post Progressive Trance/Ambient Trance)
  159. Alot of people probably acquire shock seeing this song so high on a trance list, but I find it to be one of the most soothing ambient pop songs out there, therefore making it one of my close favorites.

  160. Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis (1993)
  161. (Ambient/Classic/Acid Trance)

  162. Holden & Thompson - Come to Me (Original Mix\) (2005)
  163. (Post Progressive Trance)

  164. Jam & Spoon - Stella (1992)
  165. (Classic/Ibiza Trance)

  166. Art of Trance - Madagascar (Cygnus X Remix) (1999)
  167. (Anthem Trance)

  168. Astral Projection - Aurora Borealis (2000)
  169. (Goa Trance)

  170. Spicelab - We Got Spice (Spicelab Full Flavour Mix) (1994)
  171. (Acid Trance)

  172. Cybordelics - Adventures of Dama (1993)
  173. (Classic Trance)

  174. L.S.G. - Fragile (1994)
  175. (Classic Trance)
  176. Much similar content to L.S.G.'s "Hearts," and may even put on a similar feel in being both euphoric and spaceous, but I think "Hearts" is a much MUCH better track.

  177. Paul Van Dyk - My World (1994)
  178. (Classic/Epic Trance)
  179. Okay, I need some help classifying this one. "For An Angel" was produced in 1994 as well, a time when classic trance was huge, but has a sound that epic trance produces. Epic and classic are two complete ends of a spectrum, yet this one seems to hit both areas, perhaps it just fits in both.

  180. Underworld - Dark Train (1994)
  181. (Classic Trance)

  182. Commander Tom - Are Am Eye? (1995)
  183. (Classic/Hard Trance)
  184. Classic trance = trippy space music? I feel as if I'm being attacked by aliens when listening to this song. Aaaahhhh!!!

  185. Astral Projection - Mahadeva (1995)
  186. (Goa Trance)

  187. Zyon - No Fate (No Fate Edit) (1992)
  188. (Classic Trance)
  189. There's also a "Struggle Continues Mix" to this song, which puts it at a much slower tempo, (that being the most significant alteration between the two song versions) and I personally don't like it as much, due to the fact that the slower pace makes it sound alot more like dream trance (yes, the main melody of this song is piano). The No Fate Edit version is much faster, and the style is much crisper and has a mood to fit most classic trance, although shorter.

  190. Push - Strange World (1999)
  191. (Anthem Trance)

  192. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) (2002)
  193. (Post Progressive Trance)
  194. Nothing like the original version. Gabriel & Dresden transform this progressive breakbeat song into a haunting ghostlike reconstruction. The main piano melody that primarily makes the song recognizable is morphed into an acidic disoriented piano hybrid noise. I personally recommend this version over the original, although the original is still quite delightful.

  195. PQM - You Are Sleeping (Luke Chable Meets the PQM Vocal Pass) (2004)
  196. (Progressive Minimal Trance)

  197. Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel (1994)
  198. (Epic Trance)

  199. The Thrillseekers - Synaethesia (2001)
  200. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  201. Cass & Slide - Perception (New Vocal Mix) (2000)
  202. (Vocal Trance)

  203. Binary Finary - 1998 (Paul Van Dyk Remix) (1997)
  204. (Anthem Trance)
  205. This is what it sounds like when eurotrance kicks you in the face with millions of layers of acid. ;] CORRECTION: Just kidding. It's just millions of synths, with an acid bassline, corrupting the whole piece to make it all sound like acid, which is still cool sounding.

  206. Trilithon - Trance Dance (1991)
  207. (Goa Trance)

  208. BT - Flaming June (1997)
  209. (Progressive Trance)

  210. Leama - Requiem For A Dream (Leama’s Dream Remix) (2003)
  211. (Ambient Trance)

  212. Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life (2007)
  213. (Neo Trance)

  214. James Holden - A Break in the Clouds (2002)
  215. (Post Progressive Trance)

  216. Patrick Chardronnet - Eve By Day (Ripperton's Lovelee Dae Mix) (2005)
  217. (Neo Trance)

  218. Union Jack - Cockroach (1997)
  219. (Progressive/Acid Trance)
  220. ... Almost Goa-esque. A lovely dip in an acid bath.

  221. Underworld - Born Slippy (NUXX) (1995)
  222. (Classic Trance/Tribal Tech Trance)

  223. Datura - Yerba Del Diablo (1992)
  224. (Classic Trance)

  225. Rabbit in the Moon - Out of Body Experience (Phase 9 - Lunar Eclipse) (1994)
  226. (Acid Trance)

  227. Union Jack - Morning Glory (1994)
  228. (Classic/Acid Trance)

  229. Moonbeam - Sunshine (2007)
  230. (Neo Trance)

  231. Roland Appel - Dark Soldier (2007)
  232. (Neo Trance)

  233. Moonbeam - Eclipse (2007)
  234. (Neo Trance)

  235. James Holden - I Have Put Out The Light (2002)
  236. (Progressive Minimal Trance)

  237. DJ Tiesto - Sparkles (Transa Remix) (1999)
  238. (Anthem Trance)
  239. AMAZING remix compared to the original song. The original song did near to nothing for me. The anthem all in all is basic, but quite powerful and hypnotic, much MUCH more than the original version, thus me ranking this so high.

  240. Banco De Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa (1995)
  241. (Progressive/Ambient House)

  242. Salt Tank - Eugina (1996)
  243. (Ibiza Trance)

  244. Loken - Monday A.M. (2003)
  245. (Anthem Trance)

  246. Choice - Acid Eiffel (1993)
  247. (Acid Techno)

  248. BT - Dreaming (2000)
  249. (Progressive/Vocal Trance)

  250. Underworld - Second Hand (1994)
  251. (Progressive Ambient Trance)

  252. 4 Strings - Sunrise (2005)
  253. (Epic Trance)

  254. Gouryella - Gouryella (1999)
  255. (Anthem Trance)

  256. Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia (2005)
  257. (Post Progressive Trance)

  258. Union Jack - Two Full Moons and a Trout (1993)
  259. (Classic/Progressive Trance)

  260. Gabriel & Dresden - Dangerous Power (2006)
  261. (Post Progressive Trance)

  262. Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Mix) (2003)
  263. (Post Progressive Trance)
  264. The Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Mix is the same as the Original Mix. Someone just had a problem with me leaving that part out, so there it sits.

  265. DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima (1996)
  266. (Anthem Trance)

  267. Haylon - Starfighter (Jonas Steur Remix) (2005)
  268. (Epic Trance)

  269. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (1994)
  270. (Anthem House)

  271. Orbital - Belfast (1992)
  272. (Ambient Dance/Breaks?)

  273. Armin Van Buuren - Blue Fear (1996)
  274. (Progressive Trance)

  275. Sasha - Golden Arm (2002)
  276. (Progressive Trance)

  277. Moogwai - Viola (Original Mix) (2001)
  278. (Anthem Trance)
  279. I had this song down under Armin Van Buuren's remix until I heard the 9 minute original. You don't need no stinkin remix to make this song sound anymore alluring than it already is! I love it!

  280. Beanfield feat. Bajka - Tides (C's Movement #1) (2004)
  281. (Minimal/Neo Trance)

  282. PPK - Resurrection (2001)
  283. (Progressive Trance)

  284. Shakta - Lepton Head III (1999)
  285. (Goa Trance)

  286. Rabbit In The Moon - Out of Body Experience (Phase 3 - Burning Spear) (1994)
  287. (Ambient Breaks)

  288. Interrupt - Upside Down (1995)
  289. (Hard Acid Trance)

  290. Barbarella - My Name is Barbarella (1992)
  291. (Classic Trance)

  292. Above & Beyond - No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Mix) (2004)
  293. (Post Progressive Trance)

  294. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (1998)
  295. (Anthem Trance)

  296. Leftfield - Phat Planet (1999)
  297. (Progressive House)

  298. Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) (1996)
  299. (Goa Trance)

  300. Three Drives - Greece 2000 (1997)
  301. (Progressive Trance)

  302. Ominus - Acid Tester (1996)
  303. (Goa Trance)

  304. Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Peter Martin Remix) (2005)
  305. (Progressive Breaks)

  306. Cygnus X - Superstring (1993)
  307. (Classic Trance)

  308. BT - Godspeed (2000)
  309. (Progressive Trance)

  310. Transwave - Land Of Freedom (1996)
  311. (Goa Trance)

  312. ATB - Fields of Love (Darude vs. JS16 Remix) (1998)
  313. (Anthem Trance)
  314. An amazing remix of the song. The original version is smooth Ibiza (also amazing). This version turns it into a smooth yet blazing rock trance anthem.

  315. Faithless - Salva Mea (1997)
  316. (Anthem House)

  317. Yahel - Voyage (2000)
  318. (Epic/Psytrance)

  319. DJ Tiesto - Suburban Train (2001)
  320. (Epic Trance)

  321. Etnica - Moon Influence (1996)
  322. (Goa Trance)

  323. Brainbug - Rain (1998)
  324. (Symphonic Trance)

  325. Paul Van Dyk - Words (1997)
  326. (Progressive Trance)

  327. Loki - NYCU (James Holden Inertia Remix) (2001)
  328. (Progressive Minimal Trance)

  329. Aril Brikha - Kept Within (2007)
  330. (Neo Trance)

  331. Moby - Porcelain (1999)
  332. (Ambient Breaks)

  333. Nathan Fake - Outhouse (2004)
  334. (Progressive Minimal Trance)

  335. Bedrock - Heaven Scent (1999)
  336. (Anthem Trance)

  337. Robert Miles - Children (Dreams Version) (1996)
  338. (Dream Trance)

  339. Solar Plexus - Crystal Forest (1998)
  340. (Goa Trance)

  341. Air Liquide - Psychocandies (1994)
  342. (Ambient Trance)

  343. Pob - Boiler (1997)
  344. (Progressive/Acid Trance)

  345. Gouryella - Walhalla (2000)
  346. (Anthem Trance)

  347. AWeX - It's Our Future (1994)
  348. (Acid Trance)

  349. Transa - Supernova (1999)
  350. (Anthem Trance)

  351. Pulp Victim - The World (1994)
  352. (Anthem Trance)

  353. Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo (1992)
  354. (Ambient Techno/Acid)

  355. Dirt Devils - Music is Life (2004)
  356. (Anthem Trance)

  357. York - The Awakening (Quake Remix) (1999)
  358. (Ibiza Trance)

  359. Phobia - Phobia (DJ Hell Mix) (2007)
  360. (Minimal Trance)

  361. Talla 2XLC - Eternal Mystery (1997)
  362. (Progressive Trance)
  363. The beginning of this song creeps me out more than any other (non-ambient) song I've ever listened to. Those first few measures are like a ghostly music aura you'd hear resognating in a massive haunted catacomb, and you're the only one there who's mind it flows through. It's seriouly the creepiest trance melody I've heard.

  364. ATB - Fields of Love (1998)
  365. (Ibiza Trance)

  366. Andy Ling - Fixation (1999)
  367. (Progressive Trance)

  368. Biosphere - Baby Interphase (1995)
  369. (Ambient House/Techno)
  370. This song shouldn't even be on a trance list, because it's hardly uplifting. I think the uplift is replaced with this creepy spine-tingle feeling. But I put it on none-the-less because I seem to be putting all ambient dance genres on here, and it's definitely a spacey trip. This is like the backround music to Psycho thrillers or wierd scientific movies like Pi, or those creepy biology educational videos you were obligated to watch in high school...

  371. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (Original Vocal Version) (2003)
  372. (Progressive House)

  373. PHD - Summer Storm (Leisure Lounge Edit) (1994)
  374. (Classic Trance)

  375. A Positive Life - Pleidean Communication (1995)
  376. (Ambient Trance/Acid)

  377. Tilt - Rendezvous (Tilt vs. Paul Van Dyk's Quadrophonic Instrumental Mix) (1997)
  378. (Anthem Trance)

  379. Lustral - Everytime (Way Out West's Sunrise Mix)(1997)
  380. (Ambient Trance/Breaks)

  381. Mike Koglin - The Silence (Tekara Remix) (1998)
  382. (Breaktrance)
  383. Okay, so obviously this isn't an original work of art. It's basis is off of the Depeche Mode trance predessor "Enjoy the Silence." That would make this song some better form of Epic House. But I can't help but enjoy listening to this version- Matt Darey completely transforms this epic piece into a progressive masterpiece. The buildup from almost no sound at all is bone chilling.

  384. Goldenscan - Sunrise (DJ Tiesto Remix) (2000)
  385. (Epic Trance)

  386. Way Out West - The Gift (1995)
  387. (Ambient Breaks)

  388. Infected Mushroom - Acid Killer (1999)
  389. (PsyTrance)
  390. God. I'm an idiot. I had this down FOREVER as "Halucinogen" and Infected Mushroom doesn't even HAVE a song called Halucinogen. I obviously got it off of Limewire or something, I don't even remember...

  391. ATB - 9 P.M. (Till I Come) (1999)
  392. (Anthem/Ibiza Trance)

  393. Delerium feat. Sarah Mclachlan - Silence (Airscape Remix) (1998)
  394. (Epic Trance)
  395. I don't for the life of me understand why this song gets as much hype as it does. As a trance song, it's nothing terribly special. At. All. BUT- I put my foot down on this- this is the ONLY remix I will put on this list. It's the only remix worth putting on this list. The DJ Tiesto remix is horrid. No one could possibly convince me otherwise. Yawn. I mean really. Yawn. The best version of this song will always be the original version. But I can't put that on this list, it's not trance. The Airscape Version is passable and tolerable though, the inserted arpeggio-like melodies are pretty bomb.

  396. Cybordelics - Alice In Wonderland (1994)
  397. (Acid Trance)

  398. Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka - Find Me (Odyssey to Anyoona) (1994)
  399. (Classic Trance)

  400. Voodoo & Serano - Blood Is Pumping (2000)
  401. (Hard Acid Trance)

  402. Humate - 3.1 (1995)
  403. (Classic Trance)

  404. Quench - Dreams (1993)
  405. (Classic/Acid Trance)

  406. Moby - Go (1993)
  407. (Classic Trance)

  408. Taylor Presents Libra - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (1995)
  409. (Progressive Trance)
  410. Taylor Presents Libra = BT featuring Jan Johnston.

  411. Allure - When She Left (1998)
  412. (Epic Trance)

  413. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla Mix) (2005)
  414. (Epic Trance)
  415. Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" scored huge in the remix department. It seems everyone wanted a piece of it. Not many remixes were that well thought out though. But a couple still managed to sneak onto this list, through a generous amount of like-age from yours truly. EnMass (R.B. & E.T.) do a great job blending her anti-tempo lyrics into a progressive anthem.

  416. Marc Houle - Bay of Figs (2006)
  417. (Neo Trance)

  418. Jonas Steur - Castamara (2004)
  419. (Anthem Trance)

  420. Kate Havnevik - New Day (2006)
  421. (Starts out Ambient/Downbeat, Progresses into Neo/Glitch Trance)

  422. Blue Amazon - The Runner (1997)
  423. (Ibiza/Progressive Trance)

  424. DB Boulevard - Point of View (Lange Remix) (2001)
  425. (Anthem/Vocal Trance)

  426. Ian Van Dahl - Reason (Lange Remix) (2003)
  427. (Epic Trance)

  428. The Aztec Mystic - Night of the Jaguar (1999)
  429. (Tech Trance/Detroit Techno)

  430. Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down (2006)
  431. (Post Progressive Trance)

  432. Visions of Shiva - Perfect Day (1992)
  433. (Classic Trance)

  434. Alice Deejay - Everything Begins with an E (2000)
  435. (Epic Trance)

  436. Way Out West - Mindcircus (2002)
  437. (Progressive Breaks)

  438. Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (1994)
  439. (Classic Trance)

  440. Epsilon 9 - Life Formation (2002)
  441. (Progressive Minimal Trance)

  442. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Kid Paul Remix) (1993)
  443. (Classic/Acid Trance)

  444. Alibi - Eternity (2000)
  445. (Anthem Trance)

  446. Fable - Above (2006)
  447. (Melodic Trance)

  448. Caucasuss - Our Dream (1994)
  449. (Classic Trance)

  450. Allure - No More Tears (Aquilia Remix) (2000)
  451. (Epic Trance)

  452. James Holden - Kaern (2001)
  453. (Progressive Minimal/Tribal Trance)

  454. Yahel - Intelligent Life (2002)
  455. (Psytrance)

  456. Velocity - Lust (Rabbit in the Moon Mix) (1993)
  457. (Classic Trance)
  458. I'd strongly recommend getting this version over the original. Although trance in general is repetitive, this one offers alot more stimulation.

  459. Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (2000)
  460. (Epic Trance)

  461. Art of Trance - Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1998)
  462. (Anthem Trance)

  463. Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix) (2003)
  464. (Post Progressive Trance)

  465. Solar Stone - Solarcoaster (2003)
  466. (Ibiza/Epic Trance)

  467. ATB - Ecstasy (2004)
  468. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  469. Solid Globe - Sahara (Markus Schulz Remix) (2004)
  470. (Anthem Trance)

  471. Dirt Devils - The Drill (2001)
  472. (Anthem/Hard Trance)

  473. Enigma - T.N.T. for the Brain (1997)
  474. (Ambient Trance)

  475. Marmion - Schoneberg (Marmion Remix) (1994)
  476. (Classic Trance)
  477. An extremely lovely song. Would be lovelier if the corny shouting voices weren't included. ... fits along the lines of alot of other trance songs that could have alot more potential without the voices.

  478. Basic Gravity - Rajah (1994)
  479. (Classic/Acid Trance)

  480. Kamaya Painters - Far From Over (Oliver Leib Remix) (1999)
  481. (Epic Trance)

  482. Paragliders - Future (Apreggiators Mix)
  483. (Classic Trance)
  484. Discogs doesn't have this song on file, which makes me question it, slightly. Not really though, even the biggest websites can make a slip. I purchased this song on an iTunes compilation, so I really have no information available to me other than its name. If anyone knows anything on the year this song came out, that'd be awesome!

  485. Alex Morph & Talla 2XLC - Full Prelude (ReLocate vs. Solid Globe Remix) (2006)
  486. (Epic Trance)

  487. Chicane feat. Bryan Adams - Don’t Give Up (Disco Citizens vs. Tomski Remix) (2000)
  488. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  489. X Cabs - Neuro (1995)
  490. (Classic Trance)

  491. Azid Force - Brain Killer (1993)
  492. (Classic Trance)

  493. Faithless - God is a DJ (1998)
  494. (Anthem/Epic Trance)

  495. Jonas Steur - Second Turn (2004)
  496. (Epic Trance)

  497. DJ Tiesto - Sparkles (2001)
  498. (Anthem Trance)

  499. Caucasuss - Dream Scape (1994)
  500. (Classic Trance)
  501. I'd have placed this song up much higher, but the beginning synth progression is questionable and edgy in a way that alters the 4/4 beat when listened to. I personally didn't like the beginning melodic touch...

  502. William Orbit - Barber’s Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1999)
  503. (Anthem Trance)

  504. Hybrid - Finished Symphony (1999)
  505. (Breaktrance)

  506. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (2006)
  507. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  508. Oceanlab - Satellite (2004)
  509. (Anthem Trance)

  510. Underworld - Two Months Off (2002)
  511. (Progressive House)

  512. Chicane - Saltwater (1999)
  513. (Ibiza Trance)

  514. Booka Shade - Mandarin Girl (2005)
  515. (Neo Trance)

  516. Jonas Steur - Sonrisa (2006)
  517. (Epic Trance)

  518. Solid Globe - Lost Cities (2005)
  519. (Melodic/Epic Trance)

  520. Atlantis vs. Avatar - Fiji (1998)
  521. (Anthem Trance)

  522. Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Humate Mix) (1998)
  523. (Anthem Trance)

  524. Velocity - Future (1993)
  525. (Classic Trance)

  526. Madelyne - Beautiful Child (A Deeper Love) (2002)
  527. (Ibiza/Vocal Trance)

  528. Sash! - Adelante (1999)
  529. (Anthem Trance)

  530. Lange - Drifting Away (2001)
  531. (Vocal/Epic Trance)

  532. Paul Van Dyk feat. Hemstock & Jennings - Nothing But You (2003)
  533. (Epic Trance)

  534. Brainbug - Nightmare (Sinister Strings Radio Edit) (2000)
  535. (Symphonic Trance)

  536. Ascension - Someone (Original Vocal Mix) (1997)
  537. (Vocal Trance)

  538. Sash! - Encore Un Fois (1997)
  539. (Anthem House)

  540. Robert Miles - Fable (Dreams Version) (1996)
  541. (Dream Trance)

  542. Emma Shaplin and Opera Trance - Spente Le Stelle (2000)
  543. (Symphonic Trance)

  544. Solid Globe - Sahara (2004)
  545. (Anthem Trance)

  546. Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (DJ Tiesto Remix) (1998)
  547. (Epic Trance)

  548. Banco De Gaia - How Much Reality Can You Take? (2000)
  549. (Ambient House)
  550. Quite a few people will argue with this being on a trance list because it really does sound alot more like house than trance, but since I've been adding ambient house songs on here I decided to put this one on as well.

  551. Ferry Corsten - Everything Goes (2004)
  552. (Anthem/Tech Trance)

  553. BBE - Seven Days and One Week (1997)
  554. (Progressive Trance)

  555. Ayla - Angel Falls (1998)
  556. (Epic Trance)

  557. Cabala - Dark Blue (1999)
  558. (Progressive/Anthem Trance)

  559. Solid Globe - North Pole (2003)
  560. (Anthem Trance)

  561. Faithless - Insomnia (Monster Mix) (1997)
  562. (Anthem House)

  563. Dario G - Sunchyme (1997)
  564. (Anthem/Ibiza Trance)

  565. System F - Out of the Blue (1999)
  566. (Anthem Trance)

  567. MDM - Mash It Up (2001)
  568. (Hard Acid Trance)

  569. Iio - Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K. Remix) (2001)
  570. (Progressive House)

  571. Juno Reactor - Conga Fury (1996)
  572. (Goa Trance)
  573. I bought the soundtrack to the Animatrix when I was a sophomore in highschool (this track being featured on it), and I had no idea back then that I owned a classic Goa Trance track. I didn't even know what Goa was... christ I didn't even know what trance was...

  574. Armin Van Buuren & Gabriel & Dresden - Zocalo (2005)
  575. (Post Progressive Trance)

  576. Paul Van Dyk - Connected (2003)
  577. (Epic Trance)

  578. Darude - Sandstorm (1999)
  579. (Anthem Trance)

  580. Warp Brothers - Power (2002)
  581. (Hard Trance)

  582. Velocity - Lust (1993)
  583. (Classic Trance)

  584. ATB - Killer (Goth Tech Version) (1999)
  585. (Hard Trance)

  586. Paul Van Dyk - Another Way (1999)
  587. (Epic Trance)

  588. Mario Piu - Vision 1 (2002)
  589. (Epic Trance)

  590. Visions of Shiva - How Much Can You Take? (1992)
  591. (Classic Trance)

  592. 808 State - Pacific State (1989)
  593. (Experimental House)

  594. Paragliders - Oasis (Sheik Remix) (1995)
  595. (Classic Trance)

  596. DJ Tiesto & Liquid Onizuka - He’s A Pirate (2006)
  597. (Epic Trance)

  598. Jase from Outta Space feat. Claire Sky - Do What You Want (Infusion Mix) (2004)
  599. (Post Progressive Trance)

  600. Grace - Not Over Yet (1995)
  601. (Vocal Trance)

  602. Pulser - Cloudwalking (1999)
  603. (Anthem Trance)

  604. Yahel & Miss T - Going Up (DJ Tiesto's Magikal Remake) (1999)
  605. (Anthem Trance)

  606. Lost Tribe - Angel (1997)
  607. (Breaktrance)

  608. W&W - Mustang (2008)
  609. (Epic Trance)

  610. Ayla - Ayla Pt. 2 (1998)
  611. (Epic Trance)

  612. Ferry Corsten - Punk (Kid Vicious Remix) (2002)
  613. (Anthem/Tech Trance)

  614. Major League - Wonder? (2000)
  615. (Anthem Trance)

  616. Humate - Spacetribe (1994)
  617. (Classic Trance)

  618. L.S.G. - Blueprint (Version 1) (1994)
  619. (Classic Trance)

  620. D-Saw - Track 10:30 (1996)
  621. (Progressive Trance)

  622. Patient Saints - Imperpetuem Mobila (2003)
  623. (Deep Trance)

  624. Taucher - Waters (1996)
  625. (Epic Trance)

  626. Armin Van Buuren - Communication (1999)
  627. (Anthem Trance)

  628. Vimana - We Came (2003)
  629. (Anthem Trance)

  630. Enigma - Push the Limits (ATB Remix) (1999)
  631. (Epic Trance)

  632. Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (1994)
  633. (Classic Trance)

  634. DJ Tiesto feat. Nicola Hitchcock - In My Memory (2002)
  635. (Epic Trance)

  636. Ian Van Dahl feat. Marsha - Castles in the Sky (2001)
  637. (Epic Trance)

  638. Ferry Corsten - Electra (1999)
  639. (Anthem Trance)

  640. Warrior - Voodoo (Dubby Mix) (2001)
  641. (Epic Trance)

  642. Giorgio Ponticelli - Tranceunity (2001)
  643. (Epic/Progressive Trance)

  644. Jaimy & Kenny D. - Caught Me Running (DJ Tiesto's Summerbreeze Remix) (2000)
  645. (Progressive House)

  646. Blackwatch & Quiver - Loveless (2003)
  647. (Deep Trance)

  648. James Holden - The Wheel (2005)
  649. (Minimal Trance/NOT Progressive)

  650. Estuera - Tales from the South (Jonas Steur's Revision Flow) [2004]
  651. (Melodic Trance)

  652. DJ Dado - Metropolis (1996)
  653. (Dream Trance)

  654. Kai Tracid - Liquid Skies (1998)
  655. (Progressive Trance)

  656. Armin Van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa - Burned with Desire (2003)
  657. (Vocal/Epic Trance)

  658. Aria - Dido (Armin Van Buuren’s Universal Religions Remix) (2000)
  659. (Opera Trance)

  660. Katcha - Touched By God (1999)
  661. (Anthem Trance)

  662. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me (2001)
  663. (Progressive House)

  664. 4 Strings - Take Me Away (Into the Night) (2002)
  665. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  666. Little Wonder - Eclipse (Leama & Moor Mix) (2003)
  667. (Ambient Trance)

  668. Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infinity (1993)
  669. (Classic Trance)

  670. Keane - This is The Last Time (Martin Roth Remix) (2004)
  671. (Epic Trance)

  672. Jonathan Peters feat. Luminaire - Flower Duet '99 (JP Club Mix) (1999)
  673. (Epic Trance)

  674. Three Drives - Sunset on Ibiza (2000)
  675. (Progressive Trance)

  676. L.S.G. - Fontana (1995)
  677. (Classic Trance)

  678. L.S.G. - The Hidden Sun of Venus (Oliver Leib Remix) (1995)
  679. (Classic Trance)

  680. Blue Amazon - No Other Love (1997)
  681. (Ibiza/Progressive Trance)

  682. Seashells - Break of Love (Vesiga Club Mix) (2003)
  683. (Epic Trance)

  684. Jamaster A - Bells of Tiananmen (2005)
  685. (Epic Trance)

  686. Nugen - Darksides (Thomas Penton Mix) (2003)
  687. (Deep Trance)

  688. Matt Darey - Liberation (Fly Like An Angel) (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1999)
  689. (Epic Trance)

  690. Kosmonova - Raumpatrouille (1996)
  691. (Anthem House)

  692. Lange - I Believe (1999)
  693. (Epic Trance)

  694. Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock (2003)
  695. (Electro Trance)

  696. Blue Amazon - 4 Seasons (1997)
  697. (Progressive Trance)

  698. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (2000)
  699. (Hard Trance/Progressive House)

  700. Sterbinzky & Tranzident feat. Jewls - Gates of Mind (2001)
  701. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  702. Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy’s Song (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2002)
  703. (Anthem/Epic Trance)

  704. Delerium - Underwater (Above & Beyond's 21st Century Remix) (2003)
  705. (Vocal Trance)

  706. Ian Van Dahl - Will I? (Dee Dee Remix) (2002)
  707. (Epic Trance)

  708. Orbital - Chime (7" Version) [1989]
  709. (Rave)

  710. Fragma - Toca's Miracle (2001)
  711. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  712. Matt Darey - From Russia With Love (1999)
  713. (Epic Trance)

  714. Talla 2XLC - Carry Me (2005)
  715. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  716. Ferry Corsten - Sweet Sorrow (2003)
  717. (Breaktrance)

  718. Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (2006)
  719. (Progressive House)

  720. Paul Oakenfold feat. Carla Werner - Southern Sun (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) (2002)
  721. (Epic Trance)

  722. Tiesto feat. BT - Love Comes Again (2004)
  723. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  724. The Moon & The Sun - Sirius (Cosmic Baby Remix) (1995)
  725. (Classic Trance)

  726. Conjure One - Sleep (Ian Van Dahl Remix) (2003)
  727. (Epic Trance)

  728. Tiesto - Adagio for Strings (2004)
  729. (Epic Trance)

  730. Nylon Moon - Sky Plus (1996)
  731. (Dream Trance)

  732. Angelmoon- He's All I Want (Cappery Mix) (1998)
  733. (Progressive House)

  734. Tomcraft - The Mission (1998)
  735. (UK Hard House)

  736. L.S.G. - My Time is Yours (Club Mix) (1995)
  737. (Classic? Trance)

  738. Planet Perfecto - Bullet in the Gun (1999)
  739. (Epic Trance)

  740. Fluke - Zion (2003)
  741. (Tribal Tech Trance)

  742. Tiesto - Nyana (2004)
  743. (Progressive House)

  744. Mauro Picotto - Komodo (On Air Mix) (2000)
  745. (Epic Trance)

  746. New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix) [A.K.A. "The Blood Rave"] (1983/2001)
  747. (Hard Acid Trance)
  748. Most commonly known as "The Blood Rave." Probably the #1 downloaded trance song in the history of illegal downloading. Probably the #1 trance song people misname. Led to a league of remakes. Warp Brothers vs. Aquagen's "Phatt Bass." Ali Payami's "Blade." Public Domain's "Operation Blade." Blah blah blah.

  749. Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2002)
  750. (Epic/Vocal Trance)

  751. Kosmonova - Take Me Away (1997)
  752. (Anthem/Epic Trance)

  753. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1999)
  754. (Anthem/Epic Trance)

  755. Gouryella - Ligaya (2002)
  756. (Dutch Trance)

  757. Phasio - C.P.C.O. (X-Tended Version)
  758. (Tech Trance)

  759. Songs not up for suggestion:
  760. (Either taken off of the list at some point in time, or never stood a chance)

  761. Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight (2005) (Vocal/Epic Trance)
  762. Alice Deejay - Back in my Life (2000) (Epic Trance)
  763. Alice Deejay - Better off Alone (2000) (Epic Trance)
  764. Armin Van Buuren - Sail (2006) (Epic Trance)
  765. Armin Van Buuren feat. Ray Wilson - Yet Another Day (Rising Star Mix) (2003) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
  766. ATB - Believe in Me (2004) (Vocal/Epic Trance)
  767. Ayumi Hamasaki - Connected (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2002) (J-Trance)
  768. Blank & Jones - A Forest (2004) (Epic Trance)
  769. BT feat. JC Chasez - The Force of Gravity (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2003) (Epic Trance)
  770. Casa Flava - De Moma De (Paris & Sharp Remix) (2003) (Progressive/Balaeric House)
  771. CRW - I Feel Love (2000) (Epic Trance)
  772. Darude - Music (2003) (Epic Trance)
  773. Dawnseekers - Gothic Dream (John Johnson Remix) (Progressive House)
  774. Delerium feat. Sarah Mclachlan - Silence (DJ Tiesto Remix) (1998) (Epic Trance)
  775. DJ Arabesque - Strance (2003) (Epic/Anthem Trance)
  776. DJ Dado - X-Files Theme (DADO Paranormal Activity Mix) (1996) (Dream Trance)
  777. DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now (Grand Chilles Remix) (2002) (Ambient Pop)
  778. DJ Jean - The Launch (1999) (UK Hard House)
  779. DJ Tatana - Moments (2003) (Vocal/Dutch Trance)
  780. DJ Tatana - Words (Vocal/Dutch Trance)
  781. Dumonde - God Music (Dutch Trance)
  782. Evanescence - Hello (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) (2004) (Epic Trance)
  783. Faithless - We Come One (2001)(Epic/Vocal Trance)
  784. Ferry Corsten - Fire (2005) (Epic Trance)
  785. Fictivision - Ringworld (2003) (Epic Trance)
  786. Gabriel & Dresden - Let Go (2007) (Vocal Trance)
  787. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Jan Burton - Dangerous Power (Cicada Full Mix) (2006) (Vocal Trance)
  788. Iio - Kiss You (George Acosta Remix) (2006) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
  789. Jesselyn - Iron (2006) (Tech Trance)
  790. John B. - Mercury Skies (Trance Mix) (2003) (Epic/Dutch Trance)
  791. John B. vs. Libby Pickett - Electrofreek! (John B. Trance Mix) (2003) (Deep Trance)
  792. Kai Tracid - Too Many Times (2001) (Acid Trance)
  793. Kaycee - Escape (Vocal Version) (2000) (Anthem Breaks)
  794. Kuffdamm & Plant - Dream Makers (Dutch Trance)
  795. Laava - Wherever You Are (I Feel Love) (2003) (Vocal Trance)
  796. Laut Sprecher feat. Katie Skate - Omnibus (2001) (Epic Trance)
  797. Legowelt - Disco Rout (Johannes Heil Remix) (2002) (Progressive House/Synthtron)
  798. Marco V - Godd (Hard Trance)
  799. Mario Piu - Communication (Somebody Answer the Phone) (2000) (Progressive House)
  800. Max Graham - Coastline (Dub) (2004) (Progressive House)
  801. Max Graham - Does She Know Yet? (2005) (Epic Trance)
  802. Minimalistix - Struggle for Pleasure (Epic Trance)
  803. The Morrighan - Remember (Lange Remix) (Vocal Trance)
  804. Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Above & Beyond Dynaglide Remix) (2003) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
  805. Noemi - In my Dreams (2001) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
  806. Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise (Oliver Leib Remix) (2002) (Tech Trance?)
  807. Paul Van Dyk - Crush (Vocal Version) (2003) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
  808. Paul Van Dyk - Time of Our Lives (2004) (Rock/Vocal Trance)
  809. Plummet - Cherish the Day (Antillas Remix) (2004) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
  810. Plummet - Damaged (Ford’s Trancendental Radio Edit) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
  811. Rank 1 - Airwave (Rank 1 vs. Dutch Force Remix) (1999) (Dutch Trance)
  812. Robert Miles - One and One (1996) (Dream/Vocal Trance)
  813. Robin Fox - I See Stars (2000) (Epic Trance)
  814. Sander Kleinenberg - This is Miami (2007) (Electro Trance)
  815. Sash! - Just Around the Hill (2000) (Vocal Trance)
  816. Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth (1998) (Psybient)
  817. Solar Stone - Release (2003) (Progressive House/Deep Trance)
  818. Storm - Time to Burn (Hard Trance)
  819. Sunscreem - Please Save Me (2001) (Hard Trance)
  820. Telepopmusik - Breathe (2Square Club Mix) (2001) (Epic/Vocal/HouseTrance)
  821. Tiesto - Dance For Life (Fonzerelli Remix) (2006) (Epic/Electro Trance)
  822. Timo Maas - Pictures (Paul Van Dyk Remix) (2005) (Epic Trance)
  823. Timo Maas - Old School Vibes (2003) (Epic Trance)
  824. Tomcraft vs. Sunbeam - Versus (2000) (Epic Trance)
  825. Trance Allstars - Lost In Love (ATB Remix) (2003) (Epic Trance)
  826. Wendy Phillips - Stay (Airscape Remix) (2001) (Progressive/Vocal Trance)
  827. 4 Strings - Diving (2002) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
  828. 4 Strings - Turn it Around (2004) (Epic/Vocal Trance)
Author Comments: 

Here are other "best"-trance-oriented lists that I personally endorse checking out on Listology, although there are currently MANY others, these seem to explore a lot more of (and aren't afraid of) trance's extended boundaries and roots.

All six viewpoints are insanely different:

Lassic's List
Neptune's List
Darktremor's List
TranceAddict's List
AsColdAsIce's List
Lyceaum's List

Oh, not a bad list! Haven't heard of some of the tracks, though. Have you tried:

"Beachball"- Nalin & Kane (Tall Paul '98 Mix)
"Symphony"- Hybrid
"Cream"- Blank & Jones
"Seven Days And One Week"- BBE
"Suburban Train"- Tiesto

Those tracks are AWESOME.

Gimme some feedback on my list, lemme know what ya think (^_^)b (Only item in my content lol I need more)

PS It's "Eternity"- Alibi (AvB + Tiesto= Alibi)

Thanks for the correction, the version I received actually DID state "Armin Van Buuren and DJ Tiesto," but these days everyone labels electronic music with "DJ Tiesto" if they don't know who its by. I've always wondered why, but figured it was for careless stupidity on Limewire.

Anyway, you have no idea how long I've been searching for "Symphony" by Hybrid!!!! AAAAHH!!! I cannot find it ANYWHERE! Is it absolutely shameful to admit that I have NEVER HEARD THIS!??? I've only ever heard Hybrid's "Finished Symphony!" Which isn't even trance, its Breaktrance, but its still quite lovely.

I've never heard the Tall Paul version of "Beachball," but I have heard the original version, and it USED to bore me, until I attained this sudden obsession for Ibiza music, I'll try to work it into the list. As well as look for the version you recommended. Post Script. Don't get the DJ Icey version. It just doesn't do the song justice. AT. ALL.

I'll check into the other songs as well. Thank you much!

Well, Finished Symphony and Symphony are almost the same track. Symphony is a bit better, though.

And yes, I have heard the DJ Icey version of Beachball. Horrible. At first I thought it was a little-known Weird Al track, it was so bad.

And definately check those others out, especially Suburban Train. AMAZING track (Actually by Tiesto, lol)

If you still haven't found Symphony, which you probably have by now, you can get it by searching northern exposure 2 and getting it from that. (less likely to work if you use limewire/bearshare, guaranteed if you use soulseek if you give it a while) The only problem with getting individual songs from the northern exposure series is sasha and digweed tend to mix the tracks so well that they are playing another song directly in the middle of a song. Therefore, you won't be getting the original vinyl mix but still good if you can't find it. (Again, assuming you are using soulseek) I am surprised you have not found symphony just by a quick search, and if not by leaving it in the wishlist

Nice list!

have you tried:

Hybrids remix of Orbs "From a distance"
Gusgus "Anthem"
Gusgus "Purple -Sasha vs the Light remix"

hate to nitpick, but Ben Gibbard is the vocalist on (This is) The Dream Of Evan & Chan.

Omg how embarrassing!!!!!

Awesome list!
At first glance it seems that your tastes are much aligned to mine. However, inevitably, there are a few tracks i would love to see clutching a spot on the list:

Paul van Dyk- For an angel.
Robert Miles- Fable.

Anyways tell me what you think of them.

Hahaha- well good sir.
Paul Van Dyk actually holds that place in 28th.

I'll look into the Robert Miles song, I think I have it somewhere, I'll check it out.

lol. OIC. Uh...well...if you'll excuse my erraneous behaviour. lol. Yeah anyways u should check out the Fable song. It'l b worth it. And another song that came to mind is

Delirium - Silence ft Sarah McLachlan (Above and Beyond Mix)

Be sure to get the Above and Beyond mix though. Its a lot beetter than the others IMO.

Shit i hope this ones not already on the list aswell.

Although I'm a very big fan of Above & Beyond... I'm not a huge fan of any trance remix done of Delerium's "Silence."

And yes... I have Delerium's Greatest Hits Album... featuring the Bonus Track of the Above & Beyond 21st Century Remix of "Silence," so I've listened to it a couple times, I know which one you speak of. I like the Above & Beyond Remix of "Underwater" better, perhaps I'll put that one on my list...

Thanx for your input though, I greatly appreciate it :)

Try listening to "Outhouse" by Nathan Fake - excellant trance song.

Also "Lifeformation (Infernal Machine Mix)" By Epsilon 9*. Both from James Holden's Balance 005 - a GREAT mix.


Although I'm quite sure anything James Holden decides to put into a mix would be highly acceptable by many. Everything I've heard coming from him so far is a favorite. Not an exaggeration, might I add, either.

Then try "You Are Sleeping"- The PQM (Luke Chable Meets The PQM Vocal Pass)

It has Top 30 position in both mine and darktremor's chart. Absolutely brillaint.

Yeah, I've had that track for a long time. I feel like an unbelievably huge idiot for not including it in my list thus far.

I agree its a very good track, but it doesn't completely stimulate me.

Ugh. Scratch that.
It's a hell of alot more stimulating than Nathan Fake and Epsilon 9's.

lol ye, you are sleeping pwns :)

It really is a bloody brilliant song. That melody infects me. In fact, I think I'm about to listen to it.

*does so*

Check out Suburban Train yet, bro?

True proof, in my opinion, that DJ Tiesto went at a downword angle in his career. His first stuff is the best stuff. No offense to the man, he makes immaculate mixes, but "Traffic" is about one of the most blah trance songs I've heard...

It is. I hate Traffic. I cnnot fathom how it hit #1 in the Netherlands. But Suburban Train is an absolute masterpiece, and you shoudl also check out stuff he did as Allure and in the duo West & Storm

EDIT: Tiesto never remixed Going Up. He probably got credit for it by featuring it on ISOS1

Check out Tiesto's "Summerbreeze."

The Remix is on there.

Oh, the Magikal remake. I was unfortuneately never a big fan of that one.

No, I wasn't either. I got it as a gift from a friend. It's okay to an extent.

Go with the ISOS version, it's incredible.

Whoa! Guess what my new favourite song is?
Faithless - Drifting Away (The Full Paradiso Remix)
OMG it is awesome!

Do yourself a favour though and listen to:
Warrior - X
Jonas Steur - Silent Waves
Sash! - Encore une fois
The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia

I'm sure you'd appreciate 'em.

Well, I've had Sash's "Encore Un Fois" on my list since it started, its at 75 at the moment.

I'll work Thrillseekers into the list, I can't believe its not in there yet... probably because I HAD it in there... but it was back when I kept it at 100... and I've stopped dropping songs off at the end since then.

I'll check the other two songs out as soon as possible as well! Thanx for your suggestions! And I'm greatly glad I could make a "Drifting Away" fan out of you! :)

Yeah...you should really check out the other songs i recommended though, i think you would find it to your taste. Could i suggest possibly increasing the size of your list to the top 250 songs? You'r nearly there.

At 125? Perhaps not "nearly" XD

And Silent Waves is a good track. Jonas Steur is a rising producer.

Yo 'Crit, I'mma start linking to your list from mine (kinda like the whole darktremor/tranceaddict thing), is that cool?


Is that like a yes? XD

A couple of suggestions from just a fringe trance listener.

Banco de Gaia - How Much Reality Can You Take (Jamie Hickey Remix). This was not on any of Toby Marks' albums, but was available as a download from his website when the 10 Years and 10 Years Remixed albums were released. Very interesting work in my view.

Bedrock - Beautiful Strange (Bedrock's Ambient Beats) from the John Digweed/Phil Thompson "Layered Sounds" set. This and Shmuel Flash "Chilling Moments" are the two strongest tracks in my mind.

The Thrillseekers - Escape. This is from the "Art of Chill" set, compiled by the Art of Trance. Probably the most overlooked Thrillseeker's cut in my mind.

Well, so far I couldn't find any of the songs you suggested and its driving me insane. I'll have to look for the cds you requested to me.

I found the original version of Banco De Gaia and Bedrock. Bedrock's original mix isn't as uptempo as I'd like it to be for a trance list, but the melody is so alluring I HAVE to put it onto my chill out list, ranking a high spot for sure.

Thank you for your suggestions!!!

Has anyone here heard Warrior - X?
Glad to see Silent Waves siting at #17.

Never heard of the tune. Should I be checking it out? XD

I've been looking for that song, haven't found it yet. But yeah, thanx for the Jonas Steur suggestion, it gets stuck in my head quite frequently.

Some more Jonas Steur tunes you may like...

"Castamara"- Jonas Steur
"Tales From The South"- Estuera
"Starfighter"- Haylon (Jonas Stur Remix)
"Above"- Fable
"Second Turn"- Jonas Steur

I like all those tunes.

Oh wow...
Between "Silent Waves" and "Castamara,"
Jonas Steur is DANGEROUSLY becoming one of my all time fav's...

Heh. Lassic strikes again.

Go ahead and love the guy. He's an absolute genius. I'd go so far as to call him the next Holden.

Yeah, you definitely should be checking out Warrior - X. A sure classic. And yeah thanks for those Jonas Steur recommendations. I'l be sure to have a look at them.

I came across a COMPLETE gem:

Solid Globe - Lost In Translation (Paul van Dyk mix)

It's fast becoming one of my favourite songs. Do yourself a favour and find this one.

I cannot find this song anywhere!
But as I look, I'm finding many upon many other Solid Globe songs I find to my liking :) :) :)

I like these following songs

Norman Bass - How U Like Bass (Warp Brothers Club Mix)
Devil - 666 (Club Caviar Extended Vocal Mix)
Storm - Time To Burn
VooDoo & Serano-Blood Is Pumpin'
are they trance or something different

I have Voodoo & Serano's "Blood is Pumpin'" on my list, I think it's classified as Hard Acid Trance, if I'm not mistaken.

As for the other three, I have all three on my computer, and I'd classify them as UK Hard House... perhaps Storm's "Time to Burn" has a chance of classifying under Hard Trance, but at the same time... the song is non-climactic to me.

I've noticed I have DJ Jean's "The Launch" on my list... which should really be taken off... I'd classify that UNDER Storm's song.

I'll think about putting that one on... but it would catch dead bottom. The others don't have much of a chance.


Sorry, dude. I had to XD

Nice to see Kites go up high on this list too. Um i suppose it is kinda breakishtrance. I find it very hard to classify due to its individuality in sound.

How has your taste changed? Which Tracks have you liked from the "beginning"? I find that a lot of my current favourites, if i heard them a year back, would disgust me.

You know... not to disappoint anyone (...Lassic.) but I find that once I listen to artists like Jonas Steur, James Holden, Ultraviolet, etc. (artists I acquired knowledge of from peers in listology), I do find a temporary disgust for the pop/epic/mctrance songs I thought were indubitably straight trance songs before (ian van dahl/lasgo/plummet).

BUT... then I go on a straight listening session of those artists, and can't help but like their catchiness (well... I can't say Lasgo's very catchy to me anymore... she does things with her voice I don't approve of...)

I'm very VERY flexible when it comes to music. So I have to say, the only thing that's come out of this whole experience... is that I've broadened my music horizons. I have a wide spectrum of likes and dislikes, and I've rearranged my knowledge of where to categorized them, and whether or not I like James Holden more than Ian Van Dahl doesn't really give a level of importance to me... it's more of the quality that I pay attention to.

Perhaps I shouldn't say I've acquired a disgust in Ian Van Dahl and Plummet when listening to the other artists... it's more of a disgust in myself for thinking those songs were a different genre than they really are...

I have to quit before I go around in even MORE circles...


Okay so after RE-READING your question. I'm going to answer it CORRECTLY this time. I had it backwards.

I have to strongly agree with you. I find that now that I've listened to so much music within the year... I've grown a strong patience when it comes to trance music. Songs usually come out best when they're an average of 7-8 minutes long (in my opinion)... I find myself often looking for longer versions.

I pay alot more attention to details presently. I look for the slightest things to my liking. I would NEVER have had patience for Minimal Trance a year back... I would have screamed "WHERE'S THE CATCH? THE CLIMAX? WHERE'S THE POINT OF THE SONG???" I've grown fond of finding it now... :)

Heh. I STILL don't have a fantastic tolerance for the minimal stuff. >.> Must have something to do with having the mental patience of a 16 year old kid (As I am) XD.

Yup! I feel exactly the same way! Before having come across listology, and its numerous trance lists, my taste was a lot more "primitive" in nature. Cheap, cheesy, trance was where my passion lied. I had many of the classic songs that populate the lists of "Greatest Trance Ever" etc., but i never had the patience or will to appreciate them. Then i started browsing listology. Looking at what others thought was "good" trance.And found it to be adversely different to what appreciated. After reading through that glorious debate between DarkTremor and TranceAddict, if any of you have taken the time to read that, i saw that they, evidently, possessed a much greater wealth of knowledge of trance than what I knew. So I thought that surely their favourites would be "better" trance than what i was currently listening to. SO i began downloading them. Often, at first, i could not possible begin to even slightly enjoy them, thinking "WTF is so great about this song???". But i carried on listening to them, in hopes that my taste in trance would eventually be alligned to theirs. And eventually, after enough of this, i really began to enjoy those classic tracks. I listened to them not because i found them to be my favourite, but because they were "proper" trance fan's favourites. However, i must confess, some of the tracks are still too "advanced" for my liking. And i think everyone's taste in trance evolves so to speak, and the rate at which it evolves depends on the time spent listening to trance, and the influence of more knowledgable people, be it friends, or the trance authorities at listolgy. I continue to lead my friends in the right direction, slowly leading them up to appreciate "Real" Trance, and take great joy in doing so. I believe that if everyone showed their passion in trance, and attempted to spread it, trance could make a ressurgence, so that it is as prominent as it was at the end of the 20th century. And it is possible. Often trance is met with frowns and "Turn that shit off!" kind of comments, but with enough exposure to it, many of my freinds, in fact almost all of them, have begun to start spreading it amongst their other friends too! So if everyone was prepared to do this, and give back to trance for the countless hours they spent listening it, their could be a global Trance-ition. Sure its a very optimistic idea. But it is not beyond reach! Wow have i strayed off the topic. But i feel that compared to other lists, your's is the closest to the "level" of trance i am able to appreciate. Darktremors and whatnot still are a bit daunting for me!

Well I thank you for the list compliment, and I agree that our tastes seem to align quite close, since your suggestions have either already been on my list, or have been added, and quite high at that.

As for the trance-ition idea... I guess the idea could have alot of potential... but with what I've seen and heard as far as music genres and society's patterns go... the blueprint is stretched to almost a fantasy level.

I'm just pleased that there are still music producers, dj's and artists making that magic happen.

And if no one accepts trance for what it is in the future, I'd happily hog the magic all to myself :) Hahaha

lol true. But any given genre of music needs its following cult. The more people support trance, the more trance gets made. And the more trance i get to listen too! So eventually, if things proceed as they have been, trance wil diminsh into nothing. But it would take a lo0ong wile for that to happen. People who like trance seem to be very passionate about it. Well in comparison to other genre's of music. Every heard anyone raving about ambient music?

I like ambient music more than trance, I think you'll find there are actually quite a few...

Damn. You've really been working at this, haven't you?

As usual, the addition of subgenres was a good idea (though I see you missed some-is that because you didn't notice or because you have no idea how to classify them?)

Anyway, keep up the good work on this.

PS Nice pic ;). If I were gay I would totally go out with you -----yes, I know that sounded really weird, but its a compliment, trust me XD

Hahahaha- I take it as a compliment and nothing more. Thanx.

Anyway. Okay. I have a story for you.

I was very uncomfortable doing this whole... "pimping out" of my list solely due to the fact that I have no laptop at the moment.

My laptop broke two weeks ago... to the point that it wouldn't turn on at all. Evidently it needed to be re-rotared or something to that effect. So I sent it to Toshiba to be fixed.

I have like... 5,000 songs on that thing... (To anyone that screams "What!? Only 5,000!?" Ahem... let me tell you. My 5,000 songs are eighty times better than your stupid-ass 8,000 wannabe 'three-minutes-of-bullshit' tracks.)

Anyway. All I'm left with right now are some cds, and my iPod, which I got the DAY BEFORE. So thank god I got SOME songs on there. I only have a Nano, which can only fit like 1,000, and I only input like 500 so far.

So, I put in the genre info for all of the songs I could recall. This list is only based on songs I've either heard and know quite well, or songs I own (which qualifies them the same as the first reason).

I assure EVERYONE I am NOT a SELLOUT. I do NOT put songs onto a list just because they're on everyone else's list.

That whole spiel wasn't to you Lassic. I know you probably don't think I am. But anyway, that's why a few of the songs aren't genrelized. It'll probably be another week before they are.

But I couldn't wait any longer ;)

Okay, I got it. Here, I'll help ya with some of those:

Starfighter: Epic
Purple: Progressive
Suburban Train: Epic
Viola: Anthem
Das Glockenspiel: Epic

All the rest I've either never heard of or have no idea how to classify ;)

Thanx :)

Roight. A few more I put into subgenres:

Pretty much every Solid Globe song is Progessive.

Arcadia, wow, that's a messed up track...I keep forgetting to add it to my list...I'd call it...God, I have no idea...ask someone else.

And Going Up is a tricky one, a Psy/Epic hybrid.

*decides to jack this idea and use it on his list*

Solid Globe? They're definitive anthem. Just listen to the structure: buildup; long, drawn-out breakdown; anthem; build-down. That IS anthem trance.

Progressive trance doesn't have such a codified sound, or usch a huge breakdown as solid globe. It simply adds short pauses before major elements are added.

I dunno....SG really doesn't strike me as anthem as much as they do prgressive. I'll give the tracks a relisten though. Maybe my memory is fuzzy (A distinct possibility. I have memory problems.)

Can someone please clarify what each of the sub genres entail? What is the differnce between them? What are the defining factors?

Hey "Alacritmusic"
I'm from South Africa, I'm a big fan of Trance and I like various inclusions in your list.I think that it was good that your included "New Order - Confusion (Panel Pump Reconstruction Mix)".This Mix did not get nearly as much recognition as it should have.I think that it's better than the "Warp Bros" & "Public Dormain" versions.I'm also glad that you added "Push vs. Sunscreem - Please Save Me".Check out the Instrumental version.I do, though, think that other songs deserved a spot, such as:
*"Moon Project - Moments Are Forever "(a M.I.K.E Production)
*"The quest - C Sharp"
*Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Armin Van Buuren)
Thanx-Please Reply

I'll surely check those out. I have the Armin Van Buuren Mix of Solar Stone's "Seven Cities," and have to admit that I didn't like it as much as their Atlantis version, but I'll look into putting it on the list.

And I do agree, New Order's "Confusion" is better than Aquagen/Warp Brothers' "Phatt Bass" and Public Domain's "Operation Blade," due solely to the fact that it's New Order's song, so why stuff the other two into various compilations and ignore the original... it makes nill sense to me.

P.S. Thanx for the suggestions :)

Hey im from South Africa too! Wow what are the odds. Where about are you from. Did you know that we in South AFrica have one of the biggest Psytrance followings in the world! It even says so on wikipedia.

Hey Slic
It's good to hear that Trance is still alive in South Africa, though it is dissapointing that you don't hear it on "night time" radio anymore.I used to listen to "Derick the Bandit" on Saturday nights, and was quite updated when it came to the Trance Scene.Now I just scan the Net for good songs to Download.I still feel that the genre of music, is going down in this country.When I want 2 buy a Trance CD, it's difficult to find anything good.Despite all that, my love for Trance is eternal.
By the way, I am from Claremont, in Cape Town.It would be nice to hear where you are from, and what kind of songs you like.

Yeah sure trance is 'going down' in this country. In fact it's going down in all countries. That's just the way things are at the moment. But that doesn't stop A)producers from making music B)me from enjoying this music!

But agreed, taking trance off the radio was indeed a sad ploy. But nonetheless, get yourself soulseek, and virtually any song you wish to find can be download. (www.slsknet.org). I'm from good o'l johannesburg.

My favourites? Hmm...my top ten (in no particular order):
jonas steur -silent waves
faithless -drifting away(paradiso mix)
Paul van Dyk -for an angel
solid globe - lost in translation (PvD mix)
tiesto-theme from norefjell
Paul oakenfold-ascension.
man with no name -teleport
astral projection-mahadeva.

A song i enjoy:
Tiesto - Theme from norefjell

Oh and another song i LOVE:
Planet Perfecto - Bullet in the gun

And some other quality goa trance i recently discovered:
Man with no name - teleport
Astral projection - Kabalah
Chakra - Liquid troll

Cheesy, but hit my soft spot:
DJ Energy - Exelsis (or Excelsis, not sure).
I really need to remember all my suggestions in one post lol.

Does anyone know the name of a tune with the following vocals:

"Someday, when you feel the pain, and nothing out there seems to go your way.Someday, all your sorrows will fade away, and you will see the sunshine through the day.........Someday all the clouds will disappear."

Can someone please put a name to this mystery track?

Ron Van Beuken - Timelss
A descent song

Hey Alacritmusic!
I see you've got a link to my Trance list, so i'll return the favour =]
Also, i've just finished (After WEEKS of deciding) a top 200 Electronic songs from the Entire huge uber genre of it, so if you're interested i'd love some comments and criticisms about that.
About your list, here are some songs i feel NEED to go in there;

Aphex Twin & Robert Miles - Rare Duet (I was really skeptical at first with the collusion of these two artists together, but the end result is one of the best songs I've heard ever.)
Aphex Twin - Digeridoo
Cygnus X - The Orange Theme
Hardfloor - Acperience 1
Cosmic Baby - Aiplay
Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infity (Expressionistic Mix)
Taucher - Atlantis (Phase 3)
Union Jack - Red Herring


XD Good to see ya again, man.

Found this neo-trance track a few weeks ago, check it...

"Falling Up"- Theo Parish

Hahaha. I have risen.

Thanx for the suggestion. I'll definitely be on the lookout for it. That DT- he's got me hooked on yet another genre. Once I heard "Rej" and "Over the Ice" there was no stopping... lol.

It sucks, cuz my man J TVu is awayfor the summer. I got this huge list of neo tunes I wanna check out and no way to get them.

Oh and BTW, the right version of that Theo Parrish tune is the Carl Craig mix.

Where have you been?

Some of my newly discovered favorites:

Joe zamora ft. damian p - transatlantic (andy moor mix) (maybe my favorite)
Armin Van buuren ft Gabriel and Dresden - zocalo
Sunlounger - White Sands
Fkn ft Jahala - Why(Aly and Fila mix)
Aven - All i want (Ferry Corsten mix)

Just a guess, but I think you'd love the minimal trance masterpiece...

Ahril Brikha - Winter

You're completely totally absotively posilutely correct. I love it. I'm adding it. Now.

Thanx. :)

Hey AlacritMusic,

Nice list, my friend. I noticed that you have 'As the Rush Comes' by Motorcycle on your list twice: once at position number 86, and once at number 148. You list Above & Beyond's dynaglide mix at number 148, and don't mention what mix you're referring to for the earlier version - I assume it's probably the original Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings mix, which kicks a$$ over the Above & Beyond one, IMO (even though I really love some Above & Beyond tracks).



Is the "Original Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Mix" the actual original version? I'd be glad to add it to the first track if its true. The compilations I own with that song included don't include that information, but these days cd mixes exclude alot of mix-ownership...

So get back to me on this and I'll be glad to add that detail :)

Yeah, the Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Mix is the original version of this song (I'm not sure if you know but Motorcycle is really just Gabriel & Dresden with Jes Brieden) on vocals.

Huh, well you learn something new everyday...

Hey again, I think you might like...

Sweet Light - Abusator
John Tejada - Paranoia
Moonbeam - Eclipse
Moonbeam - Sunshine

And some classic trance...

Caucasuss - Our Dream
L.S.G. - Hearts
Infinite Aura - C-Trance

Hope you enjoy em, or If you already got them hope you add them :D

Wow... I just found a massive series of classic trance songs I'll be soon adding to the list one by one as I listen to them.

L.S.G.'s "Hearts" among them... and I made sure to listen to that one first. And wholly cow. Breathtaking I tell ya. Much more euphoric than alot of classic trance I've heard before...

Yep, DnTel is a solo project which indeed the lead singer of The Postal Service. James Scott Tamborello or Jimmy Tamborello.

THANK YOU! One of my current mysteries solved. :)

No problem.

Here's a song Merlin recommended me, and it really is something very different and extremely good. It sounds very ambientish minimal trance, with a symphonic sound. Make sense? Well, even so, give it a try I think you'd like it...

BT - The Antikythera Mechanism

Also, you might like...

Moonbeam - Eclipse
& Moonbeam - Sunshine

Enjoy (:

Get the whole album, dude. I am serious, this is the one of the most stunning peice of art, not just music (and by that I mean, check out the videos too that accompany the audio tracks. You might wanna check out YouTube for that).

Antikythera Mechanism might be a bit too 'glitchy'. Try getting 'Good Morning Kaia' by BT, off the same album as well.

Where did you get the term post progressive on Nothing (93 Returning Mix) from? My other trance list?

... yes, I'm guilty as charged :)

... is... that okay... ?
i can always change it again...
i just thought your explanation on that subgenre of trance was a really good one... but i really i can change it, i didn't mean to plagerize it... just endorse it rather...

No I'm really happy that someone used it!
I just wasn't sure if someone else had thought of it first, as I came up with the idea myself. And no, go ahead, use it, spread the word hehe =P. Thanks!

hi, how about solar stone - solarcoaster or paul oakenfold - southern sun?

Hi there, thanx for your recommendations!

I've acquired, listened to, and added both to my list. Although I did NOT add the original version of Paul Oakenfold's "Southern Sun" to my list because it doesn't sound like trance to me at all- more like electric power pop. So I added the Gabriel & Dresden Remix instead.

Again, thanx!

How about:

Rabbit in the Moon - Out of Body Experience Phase 7
Aztec - Jaguar
X Tracks - Plan 94
Way Out West - The Gift

to name a few.

And thanks for linking to my list

I'll make sure to look for those! But I've gotta tell ya... X Track's "Plan 94" and Way Out West's "The Gift" have been on my Soulseek wish list for quite a while... no one seems to have them when I sign on! But the search still continues.

I'll look for the other two as well! Thanx!

Well, if you wish, I can give them to you via msn, email, or tell you when I am not Soulseek so you can grab them from me.

That would be absolutely awesome!!!

My msn= bebopbloodlust@hotmail.com
E-Mail= bloodlustbebop@wmconnect.com

(nice variety of sn's huh?)

And my name on Soulseek is Episode Doyo. :]

I added you on msn, so we'll eventually be on at the same time.

i forgot to mention armin van buuren - communication should definitely be on there.

i love how wavy gravy is in the top 5, that is one of my favorite songs.

by the way if you can't find certain songs off a file sharing program i suggest using www.mp3skyline.com they have almost every trance song and remix and its only 20 cents a song, which is by the far the cheapest I've found online.

Thanx for the info on mp3skyline- I'll definitely check that place out! And I'm really glad you're a fan of Sasha's "Wavy Gravy," it's definitely worth the attention it receives!

As for Armin Van Buuren's "Communication," I listened to it, and added it, and liked it, but it's just another anthem piece, there's nothing too extravagant in that area. But I added it none the less because it's a better one. Thank you for your suggestion!

Good to see someone who labels Goa Trance as Goa Trance and not Psytrance.

Know the best part? I got some off of your list- a very good source. :]

Oh really? I'm absolutely crazy about Goa Trance, so if you even need some good acid or some Goa recommendations let me know ;-) Which ones were they?

Before I viewed your list I knew a few well known tracks, but I got into artists such as Cosmosis, Doof, Transwave, and Cydonia off your list. I actually have alot more on my computer I have yet to listen to enough times to add onto the list, so the current collection of Goa trance songs on the list might seem random.

I have yet to acquire some Etnica, I had interest in getting some of their music as well.

The artists you've picked sound good to me. Did you try out that method of getting your music onto your comp?

I'm reluctant to do it... because I've tried this before. I recorded a song off of a dvd's end credits using a microphone, and because it was on a television set, I got an unbelievable buzzing noise (the white noise kind of thing, the microphone amplified it.) Perhaps there's a way to edit that out of the track on the computer, but I haven't come across it yet.

That, AND it would end up with a TERRIBLE stereo effect... I just can't bring myself to let my music sound so... I don't know... it would take the entire trippy experience out of it. I mean that with all due respect to you, because it still was a wonderful idea, and in most cases I'd resort to it. And I don't think it's a very corny one at all.

I suggested this, as I used it for recording the 2 samples for Nightmare. I think you got the buzzing sound because the television volume must have been too high. If you reduced the volume, it should work. I got the static initally too, but it went when I reduced the volume. On Windows, the sound recorder shows the volume of the recorded sound, so if the waveform hits the top of the window, you know the volume is too high.

I know you reluctant to do this, because it might affect the sound quality, but its more of a fix, till you find a way to transfer it. Anyway if it doesn't come out well, you can always delete.

I like your new number one. alot. It's tempted me to move it up too, I heard Symphony again the other day and it reminded me why it's such a masterpiece, an absolute trance classic, if ever there was one.

I started comparing my songs' ratings to one another, and I really found "Symphony" to be unbeatable, in my opinion. In fact, I might be moving "Nothing" down a few places soon enough, I still love it, but its only so stimulating. It can't rest at number one any longer. :)

I suspect I'll be making my final haul for my trance list soon, and make the places final and leave it...short of a miracle song that may come along haha. Symphony is one in a million though, even compared to the rest of the album it's on, it's perfect. I'm gonna start branching out more and getting into other genres more and make some lists in them so look out for em hehe.

I'm yet to find an Age of Love original mix that is longer then 2: 50 or so. How long is your version?

Strictly speaking there is no original mix of Age of Love. The 4 mixes that appeared on the original vinyl are Boeing Mix, Flying Mix, New Age Mix, Radio Mix. The Flying Mix has some really wierd vocals in it which to me sound like some sort of German porn video and ruin the atmosphere of the song. The Radio Mix is a shorter version of this. The Boeing Mix is the one most associated with being the original mix I guess, its slower and more repetitive than the well known Jam & Spoon Mix which incidently is the reason most trance fans who are into more of a build up release structure prefer this. The Boeing Mix is not appealing to a trance noob. The New Age Mix is basically the Boeing Mix with a saxaphone in it. I think it sounds a little out of place hence my choice of listening to the Boeing Mix which is 5:01 long.

EDIT: (Assuming you're using soulseek) The original vinyl is hard to track down, it was released on ZYX (though the Diki records one released in the same year is exactly the same so if you find this get it). Try looking for the original vinyl, pretty much all versions on compilations and DJ mixes are the Watch Out For Stella Mix even if through lazyness they've just been labelled age of love - age of love.

Exactly, that is the problem, I can't grab the original because people don't label it properly. I must have got really lucky with the first download being what I think is the best one, and all of the others sound like remixes of it.

Well geez. At this point I'm not sure if I have the original version after all. I'll tell you this much, I have two versions. One's labeled as the "Watch Out For Stella" Version, at 5:45, stating it was from an album called Human Traffic: Disc 2 (I acquired this from Soulseek, thus my description sounds novice), and the other version which I thought was the original might not be... it's lengthed at 3:57 and is featured on the ID&T Top 500 (I get various trance songs off of Soulseek that state this under album). I'm pretty sure it could be the original version, but I'm not making any definite remarks.

I megauploaded the song:


It's only 3.76 MB, so if anyone wants to sort this out, have a go.

The original shouldn't have that section which goes high pitched in it or the angelic voices. Also the original mix should as well as sayin "come on dance with me etc" say "age of love age age of love". The sample Ishkur has on his guide is the tempo of the original mix which is slower than the Watch Out For Stella Mix.

Cheers. The search continues for me...

The version I acquired that could possibly be the original, in question, starts out with the music looped in Ishkur's Music Guide, with a random "come on" inputted every once in a while. It then transitions into quite an alluring rhythm, slightly old school breakbeat, with a PHAT bassline, then it transitions back to the "Ishkur participant" melody, with a synthetic choral voice melody added.

Even if it isn't the original, this is the version I'd have put on my list anyway, it's the best one I've heard.

If you guys want, I can upload an original vinyl of Age Of Love (it was released on DiKi, ZYX just licenced it for German market). Since the label and the project are "dead" nowdays, I'm sure there won't be any legal problems

That would ROCK.

Ho shit. Got quite a few more downloads to take care of.

Still looking great! Though I disagree with a couple choices, but hey, there'd be zero point to a list otherwise!

Keep it up, bro.

Im a fan of the hands in the air, uplifting trance with massive breakdowns, you know, tracks that really hit me emotionally.

Heres a few I tend to play loud. Find them on youtube or groove bay. Comments welcome!



L.S.G - hearts/dreams
minimalistix - struggle for pleasure (rob searle mix)
NU NRG - Dreamland EP (G & M project remix)
ronald van gelderen - proceed
Banco De Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa
Mental cube - Q (mental cube are actually future sound of london!!!)
discodroids - interspace
pablo gargano - Everyone's Future
matt darey & marcella woods - voice of an angel ep (vocal dub)
the green martian - wizardry
resistance d - skyline (bytes mix)


submerge - land of creation
Para-Dizer - Song Of Liberation
64 Bit - Virtual Discotheque (Beam & Tyas Edit)
4Voice 3 - Eternal Spirit - (Northern Mix)
headman - we love you
Des Mitchell - Welcome To The Dance
ilogik - one time
Rainforest - The Last Rites
technocat - technocat
gipsy - gipsy (robbie riveras juicy mix)
interactive - no control (razor mix)
Astral Projection - Mahadeva
Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Original Mix)
UNION JACK - Red Herring (orig)
avalanche - love inside me
CLS - Can You Feel It (Music House Dub Mix
Banco de Gaia - Last train to Lhasa
Emma Shapplin - Spente Le Stelle Yomanda Remix
Private Productions - sexdrive
sfx - butterfly trip
airbase - genie
The Space Lovers - Space Lover [Extended Mix]
Ron Hagen & Pascal M. - take you there
Art of Trance - Madagascar (Cygnus X remix)
project largo - airplay (Mike Nero's Banging Mix)
cequenza - cequenza
Brainchild - Symmetry (c-mix)
drax & gooding - twister
sugarbabies - magic in u
dominic plaza - sounds rushing (david west remix)
signum - what ya got for me
Signum - Coming On Strong (Original Mix)
Art of Trance - Easter Island Cygnus X remix
trance team - wake up
Y-Traxx - Mystery Land
sunbeam - arms of heaven
terry bones vs. fred baker presents water planet - introspection
Travel - bulgarian
chemistry - we are one
dj dave 202 presents impaxx - feel
unknown structure - music for the brain
dj fabian - hold my breath 2005
VDM - reflection EP
the grid - texas cowboys
headman - we love you
interactive - koma
Jondi and spesh - deep love 9
kali yuga - subtle by design
veracocha - carte blanche
westbam vs. red jerry - wizards of the sonic
yves deruyter - to the rhythm
liquid motion - be free
m3 - bailamos


Could you help my out with a track ID. I realise this is a drive by posting, but still I am trying my luck. I have been looking for a long long time for an ID on a track I copied back in 1995 on a cassette. Ever since (from time to time) I've been trying to ascertain the artist/song title. And unfortunatly, no luck yet. I've tried friends, acqaintances, forums, recordshops, but to no avail. When I say your list, I started looking up songs you listed, hoping that my track was among them (untill know I tried 50+), but still no luck :-( (but a lot of new and interesting records)

So, as a sort of last resort, I thought I'd ask you...

A sound clip can be found here: http://www.watzatsong.com/EN/name-that-tune/90958.html

I really hope you can help me out!

Thanks very much in advance for your effort

Kind regards


number 51. Paul Van Dyk - My World could be possibly classified as Progressive Trance since its a mix of Classic and Epic although it did come out earlier then Progressive's time

I just got the mixes on that discogs link. The Original is like the Rare Duet Version (my name for it) but really, really fast. The other two mixes are okay. All in all the Xristophan (Rare Duet Version) is the best one.

Thanx! Altered! :D

OMG!! I want Symphony, like many others I only have Finished Symphony and I think it isn't that good
Symphony at #1 and Finished Symphony at #290 or somthing like that!

Can someone tell me where could I find the original mix of that song?

The only place I've ever encountered Hybrid's "Symphony" is on Sasha & Digweed's Northern Exposure Volume 2: East Coast Edition. Last song in the mix. The entire mix is worth listening to. Hell, every mix with the words "Northern" and "Exposure" in the title mixed by Sasha & John Digweed are definitely worth listening to. But yeah, that's the only place I've found that jem. Haha.

Hey. Great list. I can tell you like James Holden. Me too, as you can see. Consider him the best DJ. Anyway, I think A break in the cloud should definitly be much higher up. And i know a lot of people like 93 returning mix best, but the original has that AMAZING xylophone melody that is just intoxicating. I dono, they both good. Anyway, your list is very melodic and not as gao/tribal influenced as DarkTremor's, so i like this better. good job. SUGGESTION: Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon ... it is amazing, and sorta like xpander. listen to it.

by the way, you heard marcus schults new remix of Cass and slide perception? it takes out the vocals and makes it really a club hit. dono if you'll like it, but might as well check it out.

ok i have a question.. there was a song around 2001-2002.. from what i remember it was called russian space station.. i had it on my old computer.. but can not access it.. and can not seem to find it anywhere.. who does that song??

It wasn't Askura Alexander Shkuratov's "Destruction of a Russian Space Station," was it?


I think I too should start renovations.

I. Know. Right. ?.

It's crazy. But yeah I'm back. After most of the people I used to interract with have seemed to lose interest in trance altogether. Oh well.

You know what's reeeeeeally dumb? Someone plageurized my list. They copied like the first half of it here, put a new title on it (USING THE WORD ELECTRONICA --PUKES--), and thought they could add a little tidbit here and there of their own goodies.

... the thing is... you can tell what's mine because I know how to SPELL. And I know how to use PUNCTUATION, and I SPACE CORRECTLY.

I suppose I could be flattered he liked my list. But I'm not. He didn't even bother to change the descriptions. So apparently he discovered all of the top songs the EXACT same way I did! WE COULD BE SOULMATES! ........

I can't stop laughing over here. Great discovery. I think I will check to see if anyone had plagiarized my list-or is my soulmate

PS If that picture in the nice little comment you left him is you, I will perhaps offensively say you're kinda cute.

Lol. Awww Lassic. Again, you're sweet. You've caused me to have to sound vain for a few moments but I must give an update- I've started modeling. Currently just for fun. The boyfriend got me into it. Here's some of my stuff: Some of it's kind of risque... especially the ones with both Danny and myself together... like the blown up one you see first... yeah...

And now the showing-off of myself shall be done. :D

In fact- yeah. For everyone else: I must warn all homophobes NOT to click the link I posted in that previous comment. You'll end up vomiting all over your keyboard. ... in which if that's the case I'd wish that upon your closed up soul anyway but still for your stomach's comfort, I guess.

Oooh, me likey. Very sexy!

if you can't find what you're after here, check out http://www.mp3obsession.com/ for more music,

Awesome list, although I don't agree with some of the songs. But great songs on here for sure.
Some suggestions for you:
- Golden Girls - Kinetic (Frank De Wulf Remix) (Classic Trance)
- Microbots - Freedom (Classic Trance)
- Vincent De Moor - Magnetic (Epic Trance)
- Jaïa - Mai Mai (Goa / Psy Trance)
- Moonbeam - Cocoon (Neo Trance)
- Yum Yum - 3 Minute Warning (Scope Remix) (Acid Trance)
- Art Of Trance - Octopus (Acid Trance) (I'm suprised this isn't on yet. Berry's early acid productions kick ass!)
- Art Of Trance - Blue Owl (Acid Trance)
- Union Jack - Two Full Moons And A Trout (Caspar Pound Remix) (Classic Trance) (The pianoloop in the beginning isn't that great, but the rest is awesome!)
- Underhead - Orojuna (Goa Trance)
- Sunclub - Fiesta (Ibiza Trance)
- Terra Ferma - Floating (Progressive Trance, with a good chunk of acid)
- System F - Spaceman (Anthem Trance) (This song reminds me a lot of Push - Strange World. Even if it's a derivative, it's still a good song.)
- Paragliders - Bagdad (Oliver Lieb Remix) (Classic Trance)
- Odyssey Of Noises - Troya (Classic Trance)
- Summerbreeze - Summerbreeze (Classic Trance)
- Alt+F4 - Alt+F4 (Epic Trance)
- Java - Cosmos (C-Mix) (Classic Trance)

As you can see, my taste leans more to the side of classic trance and acid trance (I love most of the songs on the Platipus, Harthouse, Eye Q and Bonzai Labels). There are lots of good Ibiza, progressive and anthem tunes too, but classic trance and acid trance are and stay my favourite.

So, that's a list of good trance songs. Most of my favourites are already on the list, so I don't bother posting them. I hope you don't know half of my suggestions.

Good job with the list, and I hope you will update it frequently.

Greets from Duco (a oldskool trancelover from the Netherlands)

Thank you. To those that have poured their heart and soul into this compilation. Having just turned 32. At work on this New Years Eve 2010. With Child at 1.5 years of age, wife, dog, car, house...bills.... You have transported me back to a time of care free energy, light, warmth and SOUND. I miss you. Thank you. From the bottom of this old "Ravers" heart. Thank you.