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Hey, does anyone know how to play CD's backwards? I heard you could do this on a computer, but I haven't figured out how. Any help would be appreciated.

So many backwards messages, so little time.

There are probably more elegant solutions to this and I'm sure you'll hear them, but here's a basic idea: If you're running Windows, it probably came with something called Sound Recorder, which allows you to do simple things with audio. Save the audio track you want to work with as a wav file and open it in Sound Recorder. Go to Effects and select "Reverse". Listen backwards to your heart's content. You may even have more sophisticated audio editing tools on your computer right now!

Whoa, whoa, sorry, I should've specified: an explanation for the computer-illiterate please? First of all, is it possible to save tracks on a CD to my computer? I couldn't figure out how to do that. Also, I have some downloaded songs on my computer, but when I tried to save one as a .wav file and play it in Sound Recorder, it told me that the song was not a valid WAVE file. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot anyway, I'm sure with your help I'll get this eventually.

I'm not very tech savvy either, sorry.
What you need is a coverter that will take your CD track and save it to your computer as a wav. Chances are, the songs you've downloaded are MP3s, so they won't work in Sound Recorder.
There are a lot of audio tools around that can do this stuff...some of them you can download for free. Go to and search cd to .wav and you should be able to find something that works. It also wouldn't hurt to latch on to someone who knows a bit about computers!

I use a program called CDex to rip tracks from a CD though there are lots of other ones around. You can use this program to get .wav files or compressed audio like mp3 or ogg from a CD. You can also use it to convert compressed audio files to wav files as well. Be warned wav files are really really large you will need to have space on your hard drive.

Whoa, I actually downloaded CDex after reading rmadeo's message last night. Purely coincidence that I downloaded the same one you use. Yeah, I see that wav files are really big - I have to download one, listen to it backwards, and then delete it to make room for more. I really need to buy more disk space.

Anyway, thanks a lot!

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