Name the Movie Given a Movie's Tag Line (ripped off of dgeiser13)

  • 1. The most UNUSUAL and INTIMATE journey into human emotions ever filmed!!!
  • 2. Once in 50 years suspense like this! (Witness for the Prosecution, thanks to ahunter5)
  • 3. Adventure in all its glory!
  • 4. Laugh... or I'll blow your lips off! (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, thanks to jgandcag)
  • 5. This is it .. the most compelling dramatic story ever unfolded on the screen .. a tale of heartache and tragedy and ambition .. told against the fabulous background of Hollywood. (Sunset Boulevard, thanks to lbangs)
  • 6. The man with the barbed wire soul! (Hud, thanks to ahunter5)
  • 7. All it takes is a little confidence! (The Sting, thanks to jgandcag)
  • 8. From the Moment they met it was Murder! (Double Indemnity, thanks to stumpy)
  • 9. Together For The First Time - James Stewart - John Wayne - in the masterpiece of four-time Academy Award winner John Ford (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, thanks to stumpy)
  • 10. The dramatic lives of trapeze artists, a clown, and an elephant trainer against a background of circus spectacle. (The Greatest Show on Earth, thanks to lbangs)
  • 11. What does he become? What kind of monster? (The Nutty Professor, thanks to stumpy)
  • 12. Alfred Hitchcock engulfs you in a whirlpool of terror and tension! (Vertigo, thanks to stumpy)
  • 13. When you deal a fast shuffle... Love is in the cards.
  • 14. The Greatest Event in Motion Picture History (The Ten Commandments, thanks to stumpy)
  • 15. Suspense and shock beyond anything you have seen or imagined! (The Birds, thanks to ahunter5)
  • 16. Veronica Lake's on the take. (Sullivan's Travels, thanks to dgeiser13)
  • 17. The Screen Dares To Open The Strange And Savage Pages Of A Shocking Best-Seller! (The Lost Weekend, thanks to ahunter5)
  • 18. Break the rules! Make love! Fall over laughing! (Barefoot in the Park, thanks to ahunter5)
  • 19. It's all about women---and their men! (All About Eve, thanks to ahunter5)
  • 20. A picture different from anything ever screened before!
  • 21. . . . the chauffeur's daughter who learned her stuff in Paris! (Sabrina, thanks to lbangs)
  • 22. I'm in trouble, George... bad trouble (A Place in the Sun, thanks to ahunter5)
  • 23. He's a hilarious hawkshaw... with a case on Dottie! (My Favorite Brunette, thanks to ahunter5)
Author Comments: 

Go to it.

stab in the dark: is #8 Strangers on a Train?

Fraid not. Good guess though.

#1 has got to be a spoof. Kentucky Fried Movie?

Actually, believe it or not, it's not a spoof. What does this say about the corny taglines of 50's movies?

Guesses from a movie idiot...
8 - Double Indemnity;
9 - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance;
12 - Psycho - said during shot of shower drain;
22 - It's a Wonderful Life;
14 - Speaking of Kentucky Fried Movie, if this isn't a tag for the main movie, I think they used it in their "movie within a movie" which was a take-off of the "Towering Inferno".

8 and 9 are correct. 12 and 22 are good guesses but wrong. I am not sure if #14 was used for the movie within a movie in "Kentucky Fried Movie", but it was actually the tagline for neither "Kentucky Fried Movie" nor "Towering Inferno."

Complete guesses:

5 - Sunset Blvd.
10 - The Greatest Show on Earth
11 - The Wolf Man
12 - Lifeboat
13 - Rounders
14 - Ben-Hur
16 - This Gun for Hire
17 - Lolita
19 - A Letter to Three Wives
21 - Sabrina (actually, the only one here I'm rather sure about...)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

#5, #10, and #21 are correct. Well done!

4. I believe is From Dead men Dont Wear Plaid. I have no idea how I remember that... but I think it is correct.

6. I would guess is The Great Escape. Well at least it should be the tagline

7. How about The Sting.

I know this isnt correct but I would find it very funny if #1 was the Racqul Welch classic Fantastic Voyage

That would be funny. When I first saw the tag, I thought of the somewhat similar Innerspace, but quickly discarded it. Alas. Who would you rather have there, Martin Short or Racquel Welch?

Doesn't take me long to think on that one, which is way I favor your answer to mine!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

In my best Homer Simpson Impression (which is not very good by the way), Mnmmm... Raquel Welch

#4 and #7 are correct. I agree with you that #6 SHOULD be The Great Escape's tagline, but it ain't. Good show!

is #16 LA Confidential? totally guessing...

#16? "Veronica Lake's on the take"? I'm afraid Veronica Lake was dead 24 years before "L.A. Confidential" came out...

True, but I see where she's going there, since a Veronica Lake lookalike (well, ok, in the movie, we are at least apparently supposed to buy Kim Bassinger as a Veronica Lake lookalike, even if she looks very little like the lovely Ms. Lake) figures in the film.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

One more guess at number 12. Vertigo? With the spinning lines behind Jimmy Stewart as he's hanging.

Correct you are!

Last guesses for me...

11. - "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
22. - "Of Mice and Men"

#11 - You are soooo close. I'll give you a hint: the movie is a comedy.

#22 - Fraid not. But good guess.

BTW, I meant that you were so close with "Jekyll and Hyde" because the plot is so similar, not because of Jekyll and Hyde themselves. (In fact, I think the actual movie is probably a parody of "Jekyll and Hyde")

lol - sorry, but you only got #16 right. Some logical guesses though!

OK, two more last guesses. (this stuff is addicting)
11. "The Nutty Professor" w/ Lewis
14. "The Ten Commandments" - The parting of the Red Sea. OR... I know this is cheating, but what the hey - the original "King Kong".

Well done! Both correct! (#14 is "Ten Commandments)

OK, this is very strange. Why is a music guy leading this list with "5" correct answers? Come on movie folk, he said they were EASY! : )

lol. Maybe I'd better post some hints or something.

So, should I post a few hints? Maybe that would revive this list. Some of the ones left are relatively obscure, but most are classics.

Maybe this will help. I'll post all the directors of the remaining movies, in alphabetical order.

Alexander Hall
Alfred Hitchcock (2)
John Huston
Joseph L. Manciewicz
Elliott Nugent
Martin Ritt
Gene Saks
George Stevens
Preston Sturges
Billy Wilder (2)

Hope that sparks some more discussion.

Thanks for the hints, but I remain stumped. But I must confess that you could probably match the directors to the taglines and I'd still be stumped, so you probably shouldn't let me set the bar.

Well, Jim, I searched your content and see that you've seen at least three of the remaining movies. Whether you remain the taglines from those movies is a different story, of course.

Yeah, but I've been a Netflix member for quite awhile, so I don't get to see the box when I pick a movie up. Not that I'd remember the tagline anyway, but it certainly hurts my chances.

Netflix, eh? I was considering signing up for that in the summer, when I actually have time to watch a ton of movies. I browsed their selection and was impressed. Would you recommend it to me? What are some of the good sides or bad sides to it?

I love Netflix. Used to be they only had a distribution center in San Diego so turnaround time was a real problem for me here in the Northeast. Since then they've opened at least 10 distribution centers including one in my state, so turnaround is great (if I send a movie back on Monday I usually have a new one on Wednesday, sometimes Thursday). Availability also seems to be greatly improved. No late fees. At this time I have no complaints with the "three out at a time" service. I usually watch 10 to 15 movies a month, so it works out to at most $2/movie. You have to be willing to watch what you get though, no matter what your mood. The order of your queue does not guarantee that's the order you'll get movies (they send you your uppermost available movie when you're due to be sent one). In short, I recommend the service. I tried RentMyDVD for a time, but it wasn't as good.

I'm not sure about some of these, but here goes nothing...

2 - Witness for the Prosecution
6 - Hud
15 - The Birds
17 - Lost Weekend
18 - Beautiful in the Park
19 - All About Eve
20 - Here Comes Mr. Jordan
22 - A Place in the Sun
23 - My Favorite Brunette

I can't even come up with bad guesses for the rest.

Well done! All correct! (I assume you meant "Barefoot in the Park", not "Beautiful in the Park")

yes, I did. Unfortunately, my concentration is quite poor. Sorry about that...

This is a great game, by the way.

And, after ahunter5's answers, the remaining directors are:

Alexander Hall
Alfred Hitchcock (1)
John Huston
Preston Sturges

Is the first one Rear window?