2006: Movies I've Seen

  • A

  • Babel
  • Borat: Cultural Learnings of America to Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
  • Children of Men
  • The Departed
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • A-

  • Brand Upon the Brain!
  • Inland Empire
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • The Lives of Others
  • United 93
  • B+

  • Away From Her
  • Fido
  • Inside Man
  • Notes on a Scandal
  • Paris, Je T'Aime
  • A Prairie Home Companion
  • A Scanner Darkly
  • Stranger Than Fiction
  • B

  • Black Book
  • Casino Royale
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • The Last King of Scotland
  • Letters From Iwo Jima
  • Once
  • The Prestige
  • The Queen
  • This Film Is Not Yet Rated
  • B-

  • Mission: Impossible III
  • Volver
  • X-Men: The Last Stand
  • C+

  • Cars
  • The Illusionist
  • Over the Hedge
  • Tell No One
  • Ten 'til Noon
  • The Valet
  • C

  • The Science of Sleep
  • C-

  • Snakes on a Plane
  • Superman Returns
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • D+

  • Crank
  • Happy Feet
  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  • D

  • Southland Tales
  • D-

  • High School Musical
  • F

  • Should See

  • Half Nelson
  • Little Children
Author Comments: 

C+ or higher = all movies I liked to some degree and would probably recommend
C = average
C- or lower = all movies I disliked to some degree and would probably not recommend

Cloned From: 

You should definitely check out Babel, Science of Sleep, Volver and, above all, the breathtakingly brilliant The Prestige. Some of those might even knock off The Departed from its current pole position.

I definitely want to see the first three films you mention. As for The Prestige, I've actually already seen it. I personally would not describe it as breathtakingly brilliant, nor would I call it better than The Departed, but I do think it's a really terrific film.

I just recently saw The Fountain (today, in fact). What's your opinion on it? Or have you not seen it?

This is a list of every 2006 movie I've seen, so yeah, I haven't seen it. Despite my love for Aronofsky, I avoided it because the reviews weren't great. Perhaps I should check it out, though.

I would strongly advise seeing it. Many view it as his best work, and refer to the entire film itself as art.