Most Invigorating Films

  1. Metropolis - Fritz Lang (1926)
  2. Underground - Emir Kusturica (1995)
  3. Brazil - Terry Gilliam (1985)
  4. Love Exposure - Sion Sono (2008)
  5. Face/Off - John Woo (1997)
  6. The Terminator - James Cameron (1984)
  7. The Killer - John Woo (1989)
  8. Hard-Boiled - John Woo (1992)
  9. LA Confidential - Curtis Hanson (1997)
  10. The Kingdom - Lars Von Trier (1994)
  11. Natural Born Killers - Oliver Stone (1994)
  12. Battleship Potemkin - Sergei Eisenstein (1925)
  13. The Truman Show - Peter Weir (1998)
  14. Possession - Zulawski (1981)
  15. Reservoir Dogs - Quentin Tarantino (1992)
  16. Raiders of the Lost Ark - Steven Spielberg (1980)
  17. The Wild Bunch - Sam Peckinpah (1969)
  18. Pi - Darren Aronofsky (1998)
  19. Mean Streets - Martin Scorsese (1973)
  20. Raging Bull - Martin Scorsese (1980)
  21. Touch of Evil - Orson Welles (1958)
  22. Requiem for a Dream - Darren Aronofsky (2000)
  23. Goodfellas - Martin Scorsese (1990)
  24. Trainspotting - Danny Boyle (1996)
  25. Raising Arizona - Joel Coen
  26. Rashomon - Akira Kurosawa (1950)
  27. The Game - David Fincher (1998)
  28. The Fifth Element - Luc Besson
  29. Aliens - James Cameron (1986)
  30. Black Cat, White Cat - Emir Kusturica (1998)
  31. North By Northwest - Alfred Hitchcock (1959)
  32. Citizen Kane - Orson Welles (1941)
  33. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Michael Gondry (2004)
  34. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover - Peter Greenaway (1989)
  35. Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino (1994)
  36. Its a Wonderful Life - Frank Capra (1947)
  37. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - Frank Capra (1939)
  38. Amores Perros - Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (2005)
  39. Mr Arkadin - Orson Welles (1955)
Author Comments: 

Though these are films that galvanize and excite, it doesn't necessarily mean "most action packed". The primary definition of "invigorating" being applied is: "to give vigor to; fill with life and energy; energize." These are films that are energetic and full of life (or, in cases where death/decay/destruction or other downtrodden themes are the subject matter, they are relayed in a vibrant/lively/vigorous fashion or the like).

I went to Matthew Barney's Cremaster 3 in a theatre. At the intermission I wanted to FUCKING ROAR. And I JUST ABOUT DID before I noticed there were in fact 3 other people in the theater and i didn't want to embarrass myself.

Funny, I had the same experience watching George of the Jungle

Man, why isn't George of the Jungle on your Greatest Films list yet?

Oh yea, thanks for the reminder! ;)

The Truman Show?

Yes, I don't know where I'd place it, but it would probably fit somewhere on here. I need to update this list, as well as my other films lists. All of it is I/P right now.

I don't know how much you like them, but maybe A Hard Day's Night and Punch-Drunk Love as well.

Surprisingly, I've yet to see Hard Days Night. Punch Drunk Love is an interesting idea that I'd never thought of. Maybe if the list was extended? Anderson's Magnolia should probably be on here.

You're kidding? You didn't see it even when you were a Beatles fan? :o

Punch Drunk Love is the only P.T. Anderson film I've seen, though it seems from what I've read that the others are worth seeing as well.

"Anderson" reminds me, have you seen any of Wes Anderson's films?

Yep, I have owned almost all their albums at one time or another -- and heard all of them innumerable times -- and used to think they were the best rock artists ever -- believe it or not. I'm still a fan. Just not nuts over them. I do want to see Hard Days Night and would want to see it regardless of my opinion of them, because it seems like an excellent, fairly original, film.

Yes, Rushmore and one or two other early ones. One with Gene Hackman too. I forget his titles easily... He's a very consistent director from what I gather, fairly unique brand of humor. I dig him.

There Will Be Blood is amazing too.

I'm in a similar position, the Beatles were the first band I was a fan of :) Revolver used to be my #1 album, I probably just loved it at the time because of the closer which is still amazing. I still think their 1967-1968 output is great though. How would you rank the albums? Oh, and A Hard Day's Night is worth watching.

You're talking about The Royal Tenenbaums? I haven't seen it but I've seen most of the others. I recommend Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom especially. I'm watching The Grand Budapest Hotel, and so far it's pretty amazing as well.

Abbey Rd, Sgt Pepper, White Album, Magical Mystery Tour, Revolver, Rubber Soul and everything else.

Yep, Royal T sounds right. Thanks, I heard GBH was excellent too.

Nice, though I'm kind of surprised you rank MMT so low. I don't listen to the Beatles much nowadays, but recent listens to the original Magical Mystery Tour EP revealed somewhat unexpectedly that the title track and Blue Jay Way are growers. In fact, I'm starting to think the title track of MMT is better than that of Sgt. Pepper!

GBH is the most suited for this list from the Wes Anderson films I've seen I think.

It might be above White Album but the first 2 are clearly their best albums imo.

Re: GBH ... nice, thanks, I'll have to catch up on Wes Anderson -- been awhile since I've seen one of his. Based on the reviews, it seems like he's still going pretty strong.

RE: GBH... yes he is :D

By the way, I tried making a rough list of Most Invigorating Films myself. This is what I've got so far:

1. Metropolis (1926)
2. Touch of Evil (1958)
3. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
4. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
5. Breakaway (1966)
6. North by Northwest (1959)
7. The Truman Show (1998)
8. A Hard Day's Night (1964)
9. Singin' in the Rain (1952)
10. The Terminator (1984)
11. Brazil (1985)
12. Punch-Drunk Love (2002)
13. The Incredibles (2004)
14. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1980)
15. Face/Off (1997)
16. The Dark Knight (2008)
17. Seven Samurai (1954)
18. The Thief of Bagdad (1924)
19. High Noon (1952)
20. Reservoir Dogs (1992)
21. The Great Escape (1963)
22. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Not sure about the order after #9 though.

Thanks, I'll have to revise mine at some point ... Metropolis probably still #1 for me too though.