Greatest Directors

  1. Orson Welles
  2. Andrei Tarkovsky
  3. Ingmar Bergman
  4. Alfred Hitchcock
  5. Fritz Lang
  6. David Lynch
  7. Theo Angelopoulos
  8. Stanley Kubrick
  9. Akira Kurosawa
  10. Francis Ford Coppola

Stan Brakhage?

I haven't watched him much so I don't know. What I've seen (portions of Dog Star Man) was so-so.

Oh, well, that's your opinion if it didn't blow your mind like it blew mine.

Haha, have you seen Mothlight (I think that's the name)? It's absolutely crazy.

No, what I've seen is portions of Dog Star Man

Mothlight is very good, greatly experimental. it's very short

Yup. I love it.