Best Films of the 40's

  1. 9.5/10
  2. Citizen Kane-Welles (1941)

  3. 9/10
  4. The Magnificent Ambersons-Welles (1942)

  5. 8.5/10
  6. The Lady from Shanghai-Welles (1948)
  7. The Big Sleep-Hawks (1946)

  8. 8/10
  9. Children of Paradise-Carne (1945)
  10. It's a Wonderful Life-Capra (1946)
  11. The Great Dictator-Chaplin (1940)
  12. To Be or Not To Be-Lubitsch (1947)
  13. His Girl Friday-Hawks (1940)

  14. 7.5/10
  15. The Red Shoes-Powell/Pressburger (1948)
  16. Meshes of the Afternoon-Deren (1943)
  17. Sullivan's Travels-Sturges (1941)
  18. Ivan the Terrible, Part 1-Eisenstein (1944)
  19. Late Spring-Ozu (1949)
  20. Black Narcissus-Powell (1947)
  21. The Third Man-Reed (1949)
  22. Spellbound-Hitchcock (1945)
  23. Laura-Preminger (1944)
  24. The Shanghai Gesture-Von Sternberg (1941)
  25. Rebecca-Hitchcock (1940)

You ought to add Alexander Hammid to the directing credit for Meshes Of The Afternoon-- it was a collaboration between both Deren and him (her husband at the time, I think). I read somewhere that Hammid actually got pretty sore about everyone just thinking Deren was behind everything in Meshes.

Also goddamn I still need to see more Welles.

And as for suggestion: Late Spring (1949) by Yasujiro Ozu. He's like the Japanese Frank Capra, sorta. One f the most heartbreaking movies I've seen. Most peopel go for Tokyo Story, but I always felt like that one was a bit "stiff" compared to Late Spring which had a more free sense of movement while Tokyo Story was probably more technically polished.

Well Tokyo Story was amazing and I keep hearing about my need to see Late Spring so...

Thanks for the tip on Hammid...I'll put in a few minutes of research to make and then decide on that

Regarding Welles: inimitable, his films are mind-blowing without initially seeming to be trying to do so