Set Your Life to Music titles

  • Adagios for After Hours
  • Bach at Bedtime
  • Bach for Babies
  • Bach for Barbecue
  • Bach for Book Lovers
  • Bach for Breakfast
  • Baroque at Bathtime The very first one I got, love it still!
  • Baroque for Beauty Sleep
  • Baroque for Brides to be
  • Beethoven at Bedtime
  • Beethoven for Babies
  • Beethoven for Book Lovers
  • Beethoven for Your Beloved
  • Brahms at Bedtime
  • Brahms for Book Lovers
  • Chopin and Champagne
  • Debussy at Dawn
  • Debussy for Daydreaming
  • Liszt for Lovers
  • Lullabies for Lovers
  • More Mozart for Mothers-to-Be
  • More Mozart for your Mind
  • Mozart at Midnight
  • Mozart for Massage
  • Mozart for Meditation
  • Mozart for Mommies & Daddies
  • Mozart for Monday Mornings
  • Mozart for Morning Coffee
  • Mozart for Morning Meditation
  • Mozart for Mothers-to-Be
  • Mozart for the Millennium
  • Mozart for the Morning Commute
  • Mozart for Your Mind
  • Mozart for your Morning Workout
  • Mozart in the Morning
  • Mozart on the Menu
  • Puccini and Pasta
  • Rachmaninoff for Romance
  • Tchaikovsky at Tea Time
  • Vivaldi for Valentines

  • What I know I'm missing:
  • Mozart for your Modem
Author Comments: 

I love this series of releases by Philips. Wonderful tidbits of this'n'that just right for a number of different times of the day.
I know I'm missing a few in the series.
If you know of a title I'm missing, please tell me in the comments.
Thank you!

My comment is really late but I just found your wonderful list. I have a few of these CDs and I love them.

You are missing
Mozart for a Merry Christmas
Handel for the Holidays

Bach for Bachelor pads